Platen Design and print

Platen Design and Print offer manufacturing (wallpaper), design, separation and colour services.

‘We initially decided (to keep our overheads to an absolute minimum) to use Photoshop and an off the shelf Graphic Arts RIP solution to design, put into repeat, separate and print designs but we struggled massively with design separation and putting designs into a good repeat.

We particularly struggled with colour from screen to CAD print, we weren’t getting anywhere near and wasted a lot of time and resource in this aspect, it was false economy.

We decided to invest and partner up with AVA. This has allowed us to quickly manipulate designs into repeat and efficiently create separations for colouring. We don’t have any issues with colour any more, what we see on screen we know we will get on our production substrate, it’s been nothing short of a revelation!

Our AVA RIP allows us to print multiple designs and multiple colourways accurately and consistently over hundreds of metres of continual print.

In short we couldn’t survive without AVA Cad technology.’

Paul Tarnowski

Platen Design and printPlaten Design and print
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