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Design Studio Pinoo  - Passion for Pattern

Design Studio Pinoo offers printed designs for the textile and wallcoverings industries.

We offer our customers several ways to work with us.  We constantly have a current on trend collection of designs for our customers to choose from.  We also consider ourselves as a Design Bureau Service, working with and for our customers to create unique/bespoke designs with particular trend themes in mind or even creating completely new collections, with a particular eye on the customer and their end user.  We always strive to achieve a special and unique product which will promote sales for our customers.

The studio is run by Pia, who is currently supported by 4 other designers.  We use paintbrushes and tools as well as AVA, Photoshop & Illustrator.  80% of our designs are created on the computer and the remainder is created by hand, scanned in and edited in AVA.

“95% of the time I use AVA.  I come from a Photoshop background and the change over/switch wasn’t always easy but the advantages that AVA has to offer have constantly motivated me to improve my skills.  One of these advantages has been the absolutely fantastic Technical Support team.  The AVA team immediately and efficiently helps me with any issues, be it to do with the AVA software or technical questions about Apple products or even setting up printers.

There are so many great features in AVA which make my life so much easier, but I do have a few favourites.  I am a big fan of AVA Quick Colourways.  In the past I always had to tinker with Photoshop to make a layout before printing but in AVA its just one click!  Creating new colourways is especially easy and convenient.  Also, to be able to calibrate the whole system is just fabulous, the prints look just like on the screen.

On top of all that, the AVA software provides me with many different tools which I didn’t have in Photoshop, to create new designs so now I can offer my clients lots of different and new styles.

Now, a year on, of course I am not an AVA pro but I am learning every day and I can actually translate every idea into AVA.  I look forward to working with AVA further and my special thanks goes to Natalie E and Eileen, who have been so patient with me and always ready to help me with any questions.”

Pia Noll-Burkard

Pinoo Design Studio Pinoo Design Studio
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