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Pickhardt & Siebert began as a pioneer of wallpaper in 1879 exporting oil print wallpaper and Lincrusta imitations worldwide. In spite of two world wars and a number of recessions, Pickhardt & Siebert continues to thrive more than 130 years since its founding. With their experience of the development, production and design of wallpaper, Pickhardt & Siebert have become one of the most significant German and international wallpaper manufacturers. The company encourages its talented design team to explore their passion and creativity while listening carefully to customers and watching emerging trends. The state of the art production facilities allow P&S to integrate all kinds of materials into the manufacturing process. This results in the highest quality products which continue to push the boundaries of modern wallpaper and which more than fulfil the needs of clients worldwide.
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P&S’s design team relies upon the AVA software for a large part of their creative process; creating new designs, editing existing artwork, making colourways and mapping designs onto room scenes. The software is innovative and user-friendly. The results are precise and, not only does it save us a lot of time ,but it saves us money too. The accurate colour management allows us to print the specific colours we want on any of our printers without wasting paper and inks. And instead of spending a week or so producing a range and working in the photography studio, we can produce fantastic quality photographs of the wallpapers in situ in a matter of hours. As long as you’ve got the basic proportions of your room, it’s really easy to achieve something overwhelmingly convincing which doesn’t look in the least bit manufactured.


“I love AVA. I learned and trained in this industry via the traditional methods – manual gravure, developing photographs in a dark room and all repro and separations were done by hand. When the work finally became digitalised, all of the things I had dreamed of being possible were fulfilled by AVA. I have been using AVA for more than 15 years now and highly recommend it. As well as the software, I have only praise for the Technical Support department – I have never experienced that level of service and help anywhere else.”
Monika Bellingrodt, Product Development

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