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Longina Phillips Designs is Australia’s leading print design studio. Focusing on innovation and creativity, we sell our seasonal collections worldwide. Our talented team produce trend-driven textile designs for the fashion and lifestyle industries, and work closely with our clients to fulfil their design needs.

Direct Digital Print offers an exciting digital print service to our clients, specialising in quality printing onto natural fibre fabrics.
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Longina Phillips Designs uses AVA software primarily to run its digital print service, Direct Digital Print. We use the programme for quick separations, colour adjustment, and precise colour matching for designs that are then printed onto a variety of substrates.

With AVA’s excellent colour management system, we have profiled our fabrics to give us the best possible colour matching to the original artwork, allowing us to cater very specifically to our clients needs.

The ability to calibrate the screen to closely match the fabric profile has also reduced the amount of time it takes to prepare designs for our clients.  It has hugely benefited our in-house printing for the Longina Phillips Designs seasonal ranges, allowing us to produce many design samples with minimal colour adjustment or testing, due to the accuracy of the profiling. This has been a great plus for our work flow, allowing us to take more work on, and to turn work around very quickly and effectively for our Direct Digital Print clients, and for the studio itself.

AVA has really halved our preparation time for printing, making our work a lot more manageable  – we can now take on more new and exciting projects, which is great for our designers, as well for our business.”
Sylvia Balog -  Project Manager – Direct Digital Print  

“ The AVA technical support team is fantastic – always ready to help, always ready to answer questions, and always polite and patient. “
Libby Beauchamp – Designer/Production Assistant-  Direct Digital Print

Longina Phillips Designs Pty LtdLongina Phillips Designs Pty Ltd
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