Kemen Wallcoverings

Kemen Wallcoverings is a leading manufacturer and distributor of wallcoverings in Spain. We haven been active in the wallpaper market for over 50 years already. In the last decade, we have experienced a significant growth in our exports and, nowadays, our collections recurrently reach around 30 countries worldwide. The secret of this blooming network relies on our success within the pattern & colouring proposals. Please visit www.kemenwall.com for more information about our collections.

We have recently acquired AVA licenses, so we are quite new to this software. Nevertheless, in this short period of time we have already been able to take incredible advantage of AVA´s features. In the past, we used to choose colourings based on our experience and knowledge of the market. Trials were even tested in final paper and manufacturing gravure machinery. This would imply a significant investment in materials and time from our professionals. Selection of colourings for one particular pattern would imply 2-3 days trials. Now, we decide colourings for one pattern in just one day, including final trial of previously selected colourings in AVA. The gain in time and cost reduction of materials is gigantic, but at the same time, thanks to AVA, we are now able to get a wide range of potential colourings within seconds, which eases our job and dramatically reduces our dedication to preliminar selection.

“Not only the software from AVA is great; their people, in particular the training and support team, are all incredible. They will always go beyond expectations”  Iñigo Elustondo – General Manager – Kemen Wallcoverings.

“Initially I thought of AVA as a competitor for Abobe´s Photoshop; the reality is that the possibilities within AVA regarding desing, coloruing, etc. are just endless!” Edurne Peraita – Designer – Kemen Wallcoverings

Kemen WallcoveringsKemen Wallcoverings
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