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My graphics team are using the AVA software and have told me themselves they use it daily, they find it faster than the prevailing softwares.

  • Number one they find it easier and more friendly, it’s very manipulative.
  • Number two they find it like a bit of a combination between Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photo shop, almost like it can do two things, two programs at once, so the beauty is that you’re dealing with two things at once non vector based and vector based within the same software, so that is a fantastic advantage. (Nick H – the software has that familiarity to it, so makes the transition to AVA easier) Exactly, so it’s great that way.
  • Number three With the AVA software we can also repeat very easily and quickly, so we’ve been taking full advantage of that ease.

We are enjoying it, there’s a lot to learn about it obviously, but it’s going quite well. The nice thing is, the beauty of it is that if we have a client in the office we are able to show them on screen, manipulate with them, so they say well were a little concerned about that hue or colours seem a bit bright, we can manipulate right in front of them and plot immediately to with screen to print. Screen to print and the immediacy of doing business with clients.

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Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid IncKarim Rashid Inc
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