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Founded in 1988 in Taizhou in China’s Jiangsu Province, DongYu Wallpaper is committed to innovation and providing high quality products, shown through its youthful and energetic design team who have produced designs that are loved all over the world.
Within China, DongYu Wallpaper has already set up branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin as well as other cities, has over 30 chain stores and more than 3000 distributors. Further afield, DongYu Wallpaper has built long term links with customers from East Asia, South America, and South Asia, and has established strong relationships with many famous international design studios and offices in Italy, the UK, Germany, the United States, Japan and elsewhere. Their main office in Taizhou is easily accessible thanks to its proximity to Shanghai and extensive transportation links.

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As a wallpaper designer, an important aspect of my daily work is dealing with scanned images, which I then separate, colour and ensure print quality. I have been using AVA for over two years and it has greatly improved my workflow. In comparison with other software, in terms of altering images and separating and colouring, AVA is much faster and easier to use.

I’d like to talk about AVA’s separation capability. It takes about 30 minutes to create a basic separation in AVA, or a little longer for a more meticulous separation. Every designer can grasp the basic separation method, as the process is very straightforward and easy to learn. There are several separation methods, and you can choose the most appropriate one for the design, for example when separating overprinting colours or tone. In my opinion, separating in AVA is quicker and easier than in other commonly used software.

As part of separations, using AVA’s combine to layer tool can reduce production costs. When using this tool, a numerical value between 1 and 100 for both layers can be added to adjust the concentration of each layer, which will appear in the combined layer. You can also open two windows side by side to clearly see the effects of changing the colour concentration.

Our company also often uses AVA’s colour functions, such as Quick Colourways. This really is a wonderful tool for designers looking for high quality colouring.

Colourways are great because you can put all the colours you want to match on the same interface, and clearly compare and choose colours as well as print and save them. You can also drag or click to easily change colours. I like to use the Quick Colourways ‘random from colourfile’ tool. This is where the computer randomly generates hundreds of colourways, which gives the designer plenty of new inspiration.
There are many AVA colour modules to choose from (AVA colour file or pantone), which all make the colouring process quicker and easier.

I am also very pleased with AVA’s ongoing technical support and training provisions. Once a month I calibrate my monitors and printers using the ‘Eye One’ device. This has improved my screen to print match so that the colours I see on the screen are the same as those on the print. If I have any problems with my workflow, I can consult AVA’s technical support department online at any time, and they will help solve my problem straight away. The AVA team has a professional manner and an extensive knowledge of AVA software.
Thank you AVA for over two years of partnership with our company!

Maria Zhang, Designer

Jiangsu DongYu Wallpaper Jiangsu DongYu Wallpaper
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