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Holden Decor is a specialist in premium quality wallcoverings. Our UK-based studio strive to design exciting innovative wallcoverings following the latest home furnishing trends in colour, pattern and texture. We have supplied many UK retailers with superior quality wallcoverings since 1991, and have a successful export business in many countries. Our extensive product range includes a wealth of high-quality papers and paste-the-wall products, luxurious glass bead and genuine flock, Italian heavyweight vinyl, and textured vinyl products.
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AVA forms a big part of the workflow with the Holden Decor studio. Although we do also use Photoshop and InDesign for certain things, AVA is relied upon heavily for design manipulation, checking repeats and colouring. It’s a really good tool for stepping up designs to see how they are going to look on the wall and also for putting collections together; being able to embed multiple designs onto one page and recolour them together is invaluable. We don’t have a lot of time to spend colour matching but we profile as often as we can and are happy with the screen to print match. AVA definitely saves us a lot of time and is essential to the energetic and involved daily process which goes into preparing for presentations and new collections. There are a few newer tools we haven’t yet discovered and implemented but we keep in close contact with the Technical Support team so we’ll pick them up soon when we have time.

“Using AVA is a really efficient way of producing and presenting work quickly and professionally. With it, I can easily turn a brief around with 24 hours to provide the customer with a high-quality result.” Natasha Perry, Design Studio Manager

Holden Decor Holden Decor
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