Grandeco Wallfashion Group Belgium is based in Tielt, Belgium. We are one of the leading producers of decorative Vinyl Wall coverings, selling our products in over 88 countries worldwide.

Our strengths are undoubtedly our excellent product quality and our contemporary collections. This is all available on paper or non-woven substrates. Our team of in-house designers develop our own collections.
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Grandeco Wallfashion Group uses  AVA  software mainly to separate their designs or pictures into different layers. This makes it possible to recolour layer by layer and to evaluate all the different layers of one design. Some of our designers use the software to re-design their patterns and to put them in repeat. The final result is a printout sample which we validate for production.

We strive to make neutral, commercial colour ways, which are matching with different colorful designs. In the next step of the production process, our hand sampling department has to validate the colours based on the prints. We can shorten ‘time to market’ by selecting colours on the prints instead of handmade samples.

All the screens of the Apple workstations are calibrated, also in our foreign studio’s. The AVA software is a tool that allows us to work in an efficient way to achieve our target.

I’m working about two years at Grandeco. I was extremely pleased with the 3-day training that I’ve got. The training was complete. I never needed to call the helpdesk since then.

Patricia Middernacht – Designer

The AVA Helpdesk is always available. In case of technical software questions: they give sufficient feedback, but you feel less flexibility, probably to keep the background of the software confidential.
Pieter Abé – Designer& Innovation Manager

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