Golub & Co

Golub & Co develops and produces womenswear under the brand “Golub”.
The company is a “Digital Textile Micro Factory” employing about 150 people. Production of our current collection is made exclusively on demand. Upon receipt of an order, all stages of digital printing on fabric, cutting and sewing a small batch begin and end within 5 to 7 days. After that, the products go to a retail store. The ability to produce products quickly in a wide range and in small batches is down to flexible organisation of production at all stages.

Today is a time of rapid change in customer behaviour. Through its flexible production Golub & Co. is seeing an increase in customised, and ultimately, personalised textile products, which include not only women’s clothing but also home textiles. Digital technologies, especially digital printing onto fabric, allows production of personalised products with high added value, which ensures successful competition for companies in the market.

The company’s digital printing onto fabric division was established in 2015 and the AVA software has been used from the very beginning. There are three or four main players in the digital fabric printing software market and AVA was not chosen by chance – they can be found at various international exhibitions where you can learn about their products. The decisive factor in choosing AVA was their service and support. According to our observations, no company has such a clear organisation of training and support in Russia as AVA.

Using AVA in Golub & Co. significantly influenced the organisation of our business process planning. For novice users, which we were, it is very important to set a clear path to achieve results: high-quality digital printing onto fabric with a maximum colour range/gamut and accurate colour matching. Working on the Apple platform and working in the LAB colour space allows all users who have their own design department and the digital printing division to effectively solve production problems and not drown in the endless possibilities of universal Photoshop, the correct use of which requires quite deep knowledge and a lot of time to master the correct work without errors. AVA not only makes a regular update of its product, it has also made an invaluable feature for our company by developing the option of automatically creating all possible colourway combinations within a design. This allows us to find the best colour solutions for design quickly, without the involvement of experienced and expensive designers and colourists.

Working with the AVA program, we are constantly opening up new opportunities to use the program’s functionality to meet the ever-increasing level of requirements from our customers. We are grateful to AVA for the support and assistance in the development of our business. We hope for further successful cooperation.

Golub & Co
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