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For over 100 years, Evans Textiles has offered a perfect selection of high quality products to suit any budget. We offer everything from linings and workroom accessories to poles and tracks, always with a focus on value for money and quality. With our new bespoke printing service the possibilities are endless. By providing our designers with a concept image or brief, we can transform any instructions into artwork for approval. Using the latest printing technology we are able to prepare accurate designs with precise colour matching on the selected fabric base.

AVA software is useful for the Evans Textiles designers at multiple points in the bespoke design process. Designs are easily put into repeat whereas other programs had previously been very time consuming, which means we are now able to reduce our lead times. Customers often send us samples to either colour match designs to or ask us to create colourways/artwork that will complement existing designs. Using the i1 with AVA allows us to precisely colour match to these samples, then the layout page enables us to quickly produce a variety of colourways to send to the customer to choose from. Our designers are constantly working on a variety of designs, from scanned in paintings to digital images, therefore the multiple separation methods that AVA software offers makes editing and recolouring these designs simple and effective.

“AVA software has made my job a lot easier! It has sped the whole design process up and enables me to complete more jobs in a shorter amount of time. Everyone was very welcoming and supportive during the training process and I’d definitely recommend the software to other designers!”

Bethany Callan
Senior Textile Print Designer


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