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Based in the centre of England and established since 1989, we specialise in the manufacture, wholesale and distribution of Scatter Cushions, Seat Pads, Draught Excluders and Throws. We are dedicated to supplying products of excellent quality to customers ranging from top brand high street stores through to smaller retailers.

Our modern fleet of delivery trucks and our state-of -the-art production system allow us to be flexible and react very quickly in response to customer demand.

We are committed to making the widest choice, best value and highest quality cushions, seat-pads and draught excluders in the UK. We are a forward thinking company and have investment plans in place to ensure that our production facilities are updated as new technology becomes available. Our experienced sales team looks after our customers in the UK and also our increasing number of customers in Europe and across the world.
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For us, AVA isn’t just a design package, rather it’s a channel from start to finish – from design to digital print. We use it intensively and on a daily basis to change artwork we have purchased or to create completely new designs. The whole workflow is logical and truly works the way you need it to. There is nothing that rivals the repeats, you can’t achieve colour control like it with anything else, the separation tools are easy to use so we always get the desired result true to the artwork and between the Quick Colourways page and the RIP software, we can either lay out multiple designs for one-off samples or print metres of a particular design for production. The AVA software just makes our job very easy and enjoyable and the Technical Support Team is always available to help if we have a question or a problem.

“Recent training has helped me to implement some really useful creative techniques that I hadn’t used before. I had previously stayed away from some of the more complex watercolour designs but it’s not a problem for me now. I can control the separation with the Separate > Colour method, preview and apply filter chains and then manually emphasise chosen areas by using a big soft brush in any transparency I want. It’s definitely the best textile based package I’ve seen or used and I would (and do!) recommend it to any designers.”
Charlotte Hirrell, Designer

Evans LichfieldEvans Lichfield
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