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Diane Harrison Designs is one of the world’s pre-eminent design studios for Interior Textiles, Wallcoverings and Floorcoverings. Based in South Manchester, UK, with a studio in Benissa, Spain and an office on 5th Ave in NYC, Diane has a highly experienced design team using 10 AVA systems and developing designs for the world market. For more information please visit¬†Diane Harrison Designs

Diane started her studio in 1984 when everything was painted by hand. However, Diane has always been motivated by new technologies and new systems and started to experiment with CAD as early as 1995. By 2000 she had started to invest heavily into AVA as her preferred CAD system. Always keeping in mind though that the starting point for all designs is paint on paper. The 10 designers in her studio still initiate designs by mark-making and painting and then using the AVA software for coloration and layout. AVA software is a superb coloration tool and since colour sells fabric, floor-coverings and wall-coverings it is essential to get the best possible colouring system. All things considered, AVA is defiantly the best software for developing and colouring designs and with the excellent support system and professionalism of the staff, we at Diane Harrison cannot stress the importance of AVA to profit our design business. We look forward to working with AVA for a long time to come.

“AVA is particularly good and fast at coloration and without it we would definitely be going back to the Stone Age of design”
Diane Harrison, Head of Diane Harrison Designs Ltd.

“My job is to manage design developments for specific briefs and I have to say, AVA really facilitates design development and since time is money, AVA is most definitely enhancing our profits”
Greg Threlfall, Studio Director, Diane Harrison Designs Ltd.

Diane Harrison Designs LTDDiane Harrison Designs LTD
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