Designed by INGK

We are a small studio who started out as graphic designers in 1990, designing for paperware. Since 2006 we have been designing for home and since 2011 we also started designing for fashion. We create designs for, really everything you can print on. You can choose from our collection which contains a lot of designs and lots of styles. We also  create tailor made designs and concepts. Our designs are being sold all over the world.

Some designs are painted by hand, than scanned and proceeded further in the computer. Other designs we will design from scratch in the computer. Some other time we will take photo’s and use these for our designs. We deliver the design digitally. Multiple colourways if you need them. We can provide Pantone-colors and we can  deliver your files as rgb tiffs or as ready-made seperated files. We can deliver big print-outs if you need. Just tell us what you prefer.

We are Wilco van Kuik & Ingrid van den Brand- Designed by ingk

Ingrid (that’s me)… I like lots of styles so I designs sometimes sweet and lovely, sometimes very kitschy over the top and sometimes bold and graphic. Love to dive in an another world and create for it. Forever addicted to the flow. And still trying to make this world just a tiny bit happier, more beautiful or funnier. And I’m a bit of a worcaholic, but … I’m working on it.

Educated as a graphic designer, started to design for paperware and later on also for homefashion. Always interested in all kind of techniques. Since I started to design for homefashion, also following the latest trends.

Inspiration, by handcrafted items and everything around me. Addicted also to books, note and sketching books, and espresso, rucola and real chocolate.

Wilco (that’s him) hmmm, just doing everything that’s very necessary around here… designing, separating, being my account-executive, doing all the things my flowing head forgets…

We use AVA mostly for mappings, colorways, separating.

Hardly ever for designing, I know I should, and that there are a lot of posibilities. So as soon as I have the spare time to dive into it, I will. But for now I can use illustrator and Photoshop with my eyes closed, so to speak, so designing with AVA is just not a habit yet.

I like that in AVA 4.7 you’re able to have a bigger colour palette right at hand.

One of my favorite tools would be the easy creation of colour palettes in ColourSys so I can have all my individual adapted palettes of the different colorways for a mood, or for carpets, all the weaving stool colors in separate palettes.  And the colors that AVA shows on my screen are the same as they print on our epson 9900, yeah :) And Pantone looks great.

It would be a nice feature if I could set my colours in the order that I wanted, regardless of the colour name, just shift drag to alter the sequence.

And the big time saver would also be in the Color department: making the colorways and keeping track of them in the pop-up window, where I can easily check my color ‘build’. Ánd the remove duplicate colorways, ánd the tiling function for colorways. Although I think there would be some improvement possible. I hope this function will be expanded so you have more control over the lay-out of a page, whilst tiling. So my virtually printed pdf will be as perfect as I want it, without adjusting by hand.

I like that in the newer releases the pasting of objects is easier, and I’ll let you know how I like the good looking brush features, as soon as I’ve tried them.

We usually work together on a separating project, Wilco does the separation, because his expertise lies in lithography. And I get the separated file so I can make the colorways.

I don’t like making the grids for bedding for example, ‘cause I’d rather make designs, but it’s working okay. And the result is nice.

“What to say about AVA. It’s in one word: ‘super’. Easy to separate, simulations are brilliant, especially in the weave module. Separated files can be sent to customers as tiff or offcourse as a AVA-file. You can make layers or as one combined tiff. Making changes in a design is also easy with the lot of tools AVA provides in the programme. Files of AVA are small comparing to other programmes. If there is a problem, the service of AVA is super and almost always the problem is solved. If you want a modification of part of the programme, AVA tries to make this happen. People at AVA are always trying to help you in the most convenient way. Before AVA we used Nedgraphics, but because of a lot of items did not work for us, we switched to AVA. It was a big relief for us and we never regretted this change. Keep up the good work and it’s right what they say: “AVA, Partners for all time.”

Wilco van Kuik.

Designed by INGKDesigned by INGK
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