Crimson Textile

Crimson is a compact but thriving studio based in South London. With over twenty years experience in the textiles industry, both apparel and home furnishings, they are uniquely placed to offer surface pattern design for print, weave, embroidery and readymade product.

We spoke with Crimson’s Managing Director, who provided the following feedback…

“We are relatively newcomers to AVA, first subscribing in the Summer of 2017, but we have already noticed the tremendous difference it has made to our style capabilities and portfolio. Productivity has also been enhanced enabling us to produce new colours and variations with speed and accuracy.

“The support team at AVA are fantastic, extremely knowledgeable and they’re always available and very patient with our nascent skills!”

We will be visiting Crimson Textiles later in the year when we will be finding out a bit more about how they’re getting on with AVA.

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