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Working within the interior textile industry as an in-house designer for over 10 years, 2015 saw Victoria Oatway launch her own Bobbie Print brand and in late 2017 Victoria took the decision to make Bobbie Print and freelance textile design her full time role.

Working from her studio in Chichester, Victoria draws on her love of the natural world and the mid-century, Scandinavian design aesthetic to inspire her illustrations and prints. Whilst modern in feel, each Bobbie Print product has a deliberate nod towards playful and light-hearted retro styling. For more information on Bobbie Print and Victoria’s design services please visit www.bobbieprint.com

I’ve been using AVA since 2004, it was the software that the first company I worked for used so that was an amazing opportunity to be introduced to the programme whilst working within a professional design studio. AVA is the software I’m most comfortable with having been using it for a long time it now feels like second nature! But it also dovetails really well with Adobe programmes like Photoshop and Illustrator allowing you to get the best out of each programme and use the strengths of each one together. The live repeat function of AVA makes creating repeating patterns so simple and allows you to focus on the creativity of designing whilst it takes care of the technical aspects.

I think the strongest aspect of the AVA software is that it allows you the scope to create a varied portfolio of designs from hand painted artwork through to graphic patterns, the software is really only limited by your imagination and creativity. Also having the technical support team on hand is invaluable, they’re always there to help no matter how small the problem meaning that any issues that I might have within the program are resolved quickly meaning that I don’t lose time trying to work out what might be wrong or searching for an answer to a software problem on Google.

Using AVA means that my designs are always professionally presented and technically correct. It also means that I can re-colour or adjust designs quickly and efficiently which means I can provide options for my clients to consider and evaluate. It makes my design process quicker and allows me to investigate various design options without wasting time.

 The updates are always useful, as are the new features and any new improvements or updates always help to either make the design processes simpler and more streamlined or help in a creative way providing new options and techniques to use within designs.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about AVA. It’s the most useful tool that I use for design. It allows me the freedom to use the strongest aspects of other design software packages and gives me a platform to bring artwork that I’ve created in various ways together in one place to make seamless repeat patterns and designs easily. I can draw a vector motif and import it into AVA, equally if  I’ve hand painted something, all I have to do is scan it in and I can manipulate both those files and bring them together within AVA.

AVA gives me the freedom and scope to create designs that are only limited by my imagination and creativity. It takes all the hassle out of design because I only have to focus on my brief and the design, the technical aspects of design are pretty much handled for me by the program or are so easy to adjust that I can put all my energies into creating the best resolution to my brief possible.

Victoria Oatway
Bobbie Print

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