In 1951, Bedeck was born. From the very beginning our commitment was to creativity and this continues in the product today. Our in-house design team create our own Bedeck brand and we also develop other brands under license, such as Designers Guild, Sanderson, Harlequin, Joules, Kas, Scion and Hotel bedding.
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At Bedeck we use AVA for most aspects of our design development – from piecing scanned imagery, separating artwork through to design layout and colouration. With AVA the design development process is completed effectively and efficiently which is essential within our business.
Julie Hall , Head of Design

It is an excellent tool for the complete design process from the beginning at artwork stage to a finished design, which can then be sent to our printers to be engraved onto screens.
Louise Stevenson, Senior Designer

I find AVA very simple and straight forward to use.  It’s great for quickly changing colours and scales to see which will suit our end purpose best and has many tools will help you achieve the look you are after.
Emma Murray, Designer

This is the most comprehensive and easiest design software I’ve ever used. I have had various sessions of AVA training and the training staff have always been very patient, understanding and motivating in order to get the most out of the software and to make my life at work easier!
Joanne Lamb, Designer

I use AVA for every step of the design process  – separation, layouts, re drawing artworks and colouring. It is a vital design tool and an invaluable part of the design studio making every step so much quicker. It therefore enables me to work faster and more efficiently.
Lisa Abraham, Designer

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