Beauflor, a member of the B.I.G. Group, Europe’s largest floor covering manufacturing Group, has become one of the leading manufacturers of cushion vinyl flooring.

Beauflor focuses not only on the technical qualities of the product, such as maintenance and sound absorption, but also on the development of innovative designs in a broad colour range. Beauflor can rely on an extensive design portfolio, with a wide variety of natural-looking woods, authentic tiles and plain colours in all patterns, to offer you the perfect solution to your cushion vinyl needs, with an outstanding manufacturing quality.
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At Beauflor, we use AVA software to test separations and multiple colour ways. The printed colour ways are accurate enough to present to our customers and to be sure that colour matching in production won’t be a problem. The calibration software makes sure that screen and printer are matched close to perfection.

Colouring  designs can be done in a simple and fast way which gives you the advantage to react very fast to customer demands.

AVA is a very user-friendly software, which it gives you the possibility to test separations and make colorations in a very short period of time!

The technical support team gives you the help you need, friendly, accurate and most important, fast!

I highly recommend AVA!

Koen Matthijs, Design & Colour

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