As the driving force behind some of the most innovative and inspirational flooring designs available today, Amtico ensure every product is expertly produced to combine stunning design with technical excellence, meeting the highest of expectations.
For almost 50 years, their dedicated designers have researched materials, techniques and trends from around the world to bring you floors at the cutting edge of design. A versatile and extensive range of products equips designers and end users alike with flooring to complement any space, commercial or residential, on any scale.
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“At Amtico we take a holistic approach to our design process, which is important in keeping our collections design leading and our products unique” explains Lorna Williams, Head of Product Design, “Our designers create artwork from scratch and AVA’s software enables us to manipulate artwork and really experiment with the vast possibilities of creating different ideas and concepts for further development. We can be working on anything from a wood or stone visual, to an abstract texture or a decorative pattern for print purposes. We can even emulate an effect layer created in our manufacturing plant, which contains chips, particles and pigments.”

“AVA gives us complete flexibility and control over how we would like our designs separated, we can work together with our printers to create the exclusive look that we require, which in turn pushes the boundaries of print effects and flooring design. As our designs develop we use AVA to colour and style collections, either creating new colourways for print or often having to match colour exactly to existing components. When the design is finalised and we are about to go into production, we use our final selection to match the colour, which really speeds up the process.”

“AVA is an exciting application, there are a vast number of ways to use features and tools in combination to create the desired effect, either on a separation or an artwork. Problem solving becomes easy as there are many “tips and tricks” that enable the user to achieve their aim.”
Kelly Taylor, Designer

“I have always found the team at AVA to be extremely helpful and quick at responding to any issue we have in any area, be it software, training, sales support, or technical recommendations. An excellent program supported by excellent customer service, thoroughly recommended.”
Lauren Ashcroft, Product Design Manager

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