The ‘Rolls Royce’ of the AVA Advance product range, is the CAD Specialist Training, or CST, course. The course lasts 4 weeks and covers all modules of the AVA software as well as an introduction to some of the different specialist industries which use it. The AVA CST course is a well respected industry qualification and has resulted in 80% of graduates moving into full time employment within the industry. CST trainees may already be employed by an AVA customer (in which case the customer usually pays the course fees) or may take the course with a view to finding a job at the end of the course. CST courses take place at AVA’s offices in Macclesfield (UK). AVA can assist trainees in finding accommodation locally for the duration of the course. A CST training day typically involves 50% (morning or afternoon) ‘classroom time’ and 50% for the trainee to work alone, practising what has been learnt and working on projects which will form part of the overall grade awarded at the end of the course. Each module of the course is followed by a CAD Assessment which the trainee needs to pass before moving on to the next (attempting it more than once if necessary). Shorter versions of the course (generally lasting around 10 days) are run from time to time. Please see the Upcoming Training Courses section of this website for more details.

Potential applicants  may be interested in some comments from successful CST graduates: Emma Dunwoodie, Alicia Wilkinson, Jennifer Rayner, Natalie White, Nazreen Matadar.

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