AVA’s friendly multilingual team of industry specialists are available to help you by telephone between 06.00 and 24.00 GMT.

Alternatively contact us directly from your computer for direct computer to computer support

Ongoing support for AVA customers lies at the very heart of our mission and raison d’être as a company. The reason that the AVA motto is ‘Partners for all time’ is that we believe that we would not be able to add lasting value to our customers’ businesses if we were simply ‘a software company’. Software derives revenue primarily from making and selling products in much the same way, for example, as a manufacturer of cars or vacuum cleaners. On this business model any training or support provided is typically seen as a ‘cost of sale’ and, as such, although sometimes unavoidable, will be minimised.

As a technology service company, AVA’s business model is very different. Yes, we have a range of outstanding software products, developed through twenty five years of partnership with our customers, but when we deliver software to new AVA customers for the first time, that‘s only a small part of what our customers have purchased. More than 70% of AVA’s total cost base is the extremely experienced team which delivers training and support to customers all over the world. The software is constantly changing and evolving, partly in response to customer requests and partly in order to take advantage of developments in the surrounding technology (Mac OS, faster processors, better quality monitors and digital printers, the internet) and this means that even the most experienced AVA operators can always benefit from occasional help, support or top up training in order to get the very best out of the software. Perhaps that is why the vast majority of AVA customers remain with us for many years.

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