New version of AVA ColourSys!

A recent Apple system update (MacOS 10.13.4) has just started warning that “ColourSys is not optimised for your Mac”. The good news is that AVA’s ColourSys application has been completely re written and will be ship to you as part of AVA 5.1. We are very excited about ColourSys 2 as in addition to it being a 64 bit application, it contains many new features such as Retina display support, and new ‘Popover’ user interface.


The current version of ColourSys doesn’t cause any performance issues so simply click the OK button and you won’t be bothered by the warning again.

If you have any further questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our support team.


Thank you for visiting us at Heimtextil 2018!

As in recent years, AVA had two stands  at Heimtextil, Frankfurt. This annual exhibition is the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles and wall coverings so it’s no surprise that both our stands were extremely busy with visitors. It was great for the team to see some familiar faces at the show and to also meet many new people. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who spent time with us.


This year we were once again located in hall 4.2 (Design hall) and Hall 6.0 (Digital Print hall). We hope you enjoyed seeing the software demonstrations and our unveiling of AVA 5!!


If you would like to know more about AVA and our latest release of AVA 5, or if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and a member of our team would be more than happy to help.


We hope to see you again soon. To find out where you can see AVA next please take a look at our events page.


Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 17.27.18


“La mente più saggia ha ancora qualcosa da imparare.” ~ George Santayana

A maggio 2017 abbiamo introdotto AVA Webinar come parte della nostra iniziativa Lifelong Learning. E’ un potente strumento che consente di connetterci con gli utenti AVA di tutto il mondo, in diretta in un ambiente online ed aiutarli ad ottenere il massimo dal loro software.

Da allora abbiamo effettuato i nostri primi 10 webinar in tre lingue che spiegano le nuove funzionalità delle ultime versioni di AVA, ripetizioni, separazioni e colorazione. Siamo ora in procinto di pianificare nuovi argomenti supportando un numero ulteriore di lingue per il 2018.

Ciò che i nostri clienti sembrano amare di queste sessioni, è che possono connettersi da casa o lavorare su qualsiasi dispositivo e in una sola ora possono afferrare diversi trucchi e suggerimenti da uno dei nostri esperti AVA.

Siamo lieti di constatare che il numero di persone che partecipano ad ogni webinar è in costante aumento e che il feedback degli utenti è stato decisamente positivo!

I webinar vengono forniti in aggiunta al supporto tecnico e alla regolare formazione personalizzata, che è ancora alla base del Lifelong Learning; ogni sessione è registrata in modo tale che sia accessibile a chiunque non sia in grado di partecipare all’evento dal vivo. In occasione di Heimtextil – la fiera internazionale per tessuti per la casa ed arredamento, che si terrà a gennaio a Francoforte – presenteremo un’entusiasmante nuova piattaforma chiamata AVA TV, in cui tutti i clienti con un piano di sviluppo CAD attivo potranno visualizzare un programma dei prossimi eventi ed anche accedere alle registrazioni dei precedenti webinar.

Le sessioni AVA TV, sono facilmente consultabili tramite il menu “Aiuto AVA”. Le registrazioni coprono una vasta gamma di argomenti come tecniche avanzate di separazione o basi di mapping. Sono disponibili in molte lingue e puoi richiedere gli argomenti che vorresti trattare ma che non sono elencati..


Se hai domande o vuoi suggerire argomenti futuri, ti preghiamo di contattarci avatv@avacadcam.com



In January 2018 we are releasing a major upgrade to our software, AVA 5!

Last June we released 4.16 which was the 16th feature packed upgrade to AVA 4.

So why do we think the next release is worthy to become AVA 5 instead of simply 4.17?

AVA 4.0 was created in an Apple application framework called ‘Cocoa’. Cocoa allows us to develop the software more quickly. This was approximately 7 years after we wrote AVA 3 which was the first version of AVA which was capable of running on MacOS X.

Historically we make major upgrades when the underlying technology changes and this is typically every 7 years. However with AVA 5 it’s the features and concepts which span the entire software which make the difference!

To watch this movie in full screen, click here.

Revolutionary new Custom Palettes

You can create your own Custom Palettes. Each Palette is a floating document and you can drag settings from almost anywhere within the software to create a ‘Button’. Each Button can contain multiple settings which can be activated (restored) with a simple click.

Example uses:

- Create new tools restoring combinations of patterns, brushes, filters, tracking with a single button.
- Restore preferences, colour matching, overprint, page setup and CMS settings.
- Easily create new documents in your standard sizes at the touch of a button.
- Configure menus windows and tools with one click.
- Restore Layouts, rulers and templates.
- Share separation settings between documents.
- Download new palettes with continual updates.

While the concept and use of Custom Palettes are simple, we think it is significant and unique addition to the software. There are thousands of other uses for this technology and every day we think of something new to do with them. We think they will revolutionise your workflows and we can’t wait to see what you will create..

The Palettes can be easily shared within your company by email or fileserver and can be synchronised automatically between workstations using the AVA Productivity Manager.


AVA Assist

New Help buttons allow direct links from practically every window to provide instant information on the relevant topic. As part of our ‘Life Long Learning’ initiative, we place great importance on Assist and have kept it bang up to date.
You can read the latest tips and tricks on a particular area or simply watch one of the many movies. Totally integrated help allows you to explore the software – enabling you to get more out of it. The great news for users who prefer a language other than English is that AVA Assist now uses built in Google translation technology too.



We are really excited about this technology as yet another part of our ‘Life Long Learning’ initiative.

A new ‘AVA TV’ menu item is located within AVA’s Help menu. From here you will see a list of upcoming events/sessions and you can simply click on an item to watch it.

AVA TV sessions are easy to access and may be on subjects such as Advanced Separation Techniques or Materialize Basics. They are available in many languages and back events are also stored for you to watch at any time. It shouldn’t be long before we have an extensive library of these which will help keep you and your staff fully informed. Please feel free to request subjects that you would like to see which aren’t listed..


Pro Appearance

AVA can now be used in an all new ‘Pro’ Appearance. We think it looks super new and up to date and some users find the stealth black look less of a distraction. It’s optional so you can choose to use it or not. You can also customise the backgrounds to the Layers Palette and your design surrounds. Care must be taken when setting background colours but setting the background to your substrate colour can actually improve your colour perception. There is a new ‘AVA Assist Help’ button located adjacent to the colour preferences which takes you directly to an article describing this.

Colour Correction Layers

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. Have you ever needed to slightly nudge the colours of a design? In the past we sometimes had to make complex colour adjustments using our custom overprint technology. Now it’s easy to apply a correction using correction layers. These layers are non-destructive and are also ideal for Digital Print. They can be easily recorded and applied using our new Custom Palettes technology and are also useful for simulating lamination effects.


Geared Sliders

Every slider in AVA now uses our ‘geared slider’ technology. Since many AVA features have sliders to control settings, you can make more subtle/precise changes in almost every window.

New ColourSys

We have invested in rewriting AVA ColourSys. It is now 64-bit and has Retina graphics and improved performance. It’s been re-written using the latest frameworks and technology which pave the way for further rapid feature development.
We are so excited about this that we are showcasing ColourSys now as part of our AVA 5 platform. It will be released later this year.

Many other features and improvements

As you’d expect from any AVA release, there are countless other features, optimisations and improvements including our new Productivity Manager and Structure Simulation modules. Be sure to request a demonstration or view in AVA TV! We are pretty excited about AVA 5 and can’t wait to hear what you think.

We think AVA 5 represents the start of a new era and hope you will agree!

Simon Whomsley December 2017
Director of Research & Development


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