New! AVA Customer Webinars

“I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn.” - Maya Angelou

AVA’s ‘Life Long Learning’ initiative was born because we know that the AVA software is only as good as the people using it. We need to be constantly training, advising and empowering our customers so that they can be as creative and productive as possible. With AVA users dotted all over the world, we’re always looking for more effective ways of communicating with them and making sure that they are getting the most out of their CAD Development Plans and the best possible experience.

We’re excited to introduce the latest tool that we’re using to connect with our customers – AVA Webinars!

The word ‘webinar’ is a blend of ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. In our case these are 1-hour informative sessions delivered online to multiple AVA users around the world simultaneously. And the best bit? These webinars are free for AVA customers with an active CAD Development Plan!

Webinar topics range from overviews of what’s new in the latest AVA release to tips & tricks on how to achieve great tonal colour separations. Each webinar is prepared and delivered by one of our AVA experts, participants can ask questions via a chat panel and the online delivery means that people can dial in from their studio or the comfort of their home. It’s quick, simple, informative and enjoyable!

We’ve received great feedback from the first webinars we delivered and we’re already asking AVA users for their ideas on what topics they’d like to see covered in future webinars.

If you’d like to find out more about our next webinar please drop us an email: webinar@avacadcam.com



Recruitment – CST success stories

AVA has always been the first port of call for our customers when they’re looking to advertise and recruit. Because AVA offer to place our customers* job adverts free of charge on the Recruitment section of our website, and because we regularly run CST training courses, attend New Designers and support the following charities; i-dott and Texprint, we often have a pool of talented freshly trained designers and graduates looking for employment.

In our sixteenth year of running the AVA CAD Specialist courses, we are very proud to advise that we have been able to help place 95% of the graduates into the industry. With close links to education, AVA has a strong interest in bringing industry and education closer and the AVA CST course is one way of helping facilitate this.

AVA CAD Specialist Training courses are a great opportunity for designers to broaden their knowledge and to gain an understanding of our software and relevant industry processes, giving designers a crucial edge in interviews for jobs in our highly competitive industry.

We thought we would let you hear from some of our recent success stories…

Amy Smith
“The AVA course gave me the skills and confidence to take my first steps in the industry with a company using AVA. Through AVA I made lots of contacts which was highly beneficial as a recent graduate. 3 months into my position with FFT I have built on the skills I learnt during the course and brought them to a professional level. “

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 17.08.18

Isla Middleton
“Attending the AVA course last year was a great experience allowing me to work with pattern repeat in a new way. This knowledge enabled me to work with AVA whilst working with companies who use the software.”

Isla Middleton Screen printe fabrics

Lydia Knight
“I appreciate all the support you and the AVA team gave me, it helped me with getting my foot into the industry so so much and and am so grateful for all the opportunities AVA has given me and the opportunities I have got from having the skill. Thank you so much!”

Lydia Knight

Usarae Gul
“I was unsure as to whether the AVA course was the right thing for me, I was comfortable in using Photoshop and Illustrator and was unsure as to how the course could benefit me. After calling AVA they arranged a meeting where one of the tutors explained my options and discussed particular aspects of my portfolio and how AVA could help. The course itself was extremely comprehensive with 4 weeks of intensive training, we were given thorough notes and the quality of teaching was very high. I enjoyed that we were given time to explore and be creative with our work we were also constantly thinking of our portfolios and how our new skills could be used in industry. I really loved being able to separate designs and create new colour ways, there really is nothing quite like the AVA Software! The AVA team were very supportive and helped to put us in touch with companies that were recruiting once the course was completed, I went for 3 interviews and secured a 6-month placement with a supplier in Manchester shortly after. I am so glad I did the course as it has leveraged my design capability as well as helping me to achieve the next steps in my creative career. Thank you AVA!”

Usarae Gul

Ailisa Lishman
“After graduating, I found it very hard to get a job as I didn’t have the right industry experience or companies were asking for AVA. The AVA course and their trainers helped me develop confidence in my own design work, and through using the software I created almost an entire new portfolios worth of work. On completion of the course I got an interview for every position I applied for, including being offered my current design role as a wallpaper designer, showing that this was the skill missing from my CV.”


If you are interested in hearing more about AVAs CAD Specialist Training courses or need help with recruitment, please do to hesitate to contact training@avacadcam.com and a member of the team will be happy to help.

* any CAD development plan paying customers.

Academia to Industry – i-dott’s Spring Conference

AVA were asked to present at i-dotts first Spring Conference- ‘Academia to Industry Conference’ which was held at Graham & Brown, Blackburn on 2nd March 2017. As a strong supporter of i-dott AVA were privileged to be asked to participate.

The main purpose of the day was to give academics, tutors, mentors and industry interns a unique opportunity to come face to face with industry experts. The conference aimed to cover most of the critical aspects of the wallcoverings industry and provide networking opportunities.

Topics included;

Copyright & Intellectual Property by Tony Catterall

Wallpaper Substrates- For Designs to come alive by Gavin Gould from Ahlstrom

The Designers challenge by Stephanie Jebbitt

Digital printing by Rana Raychoudhury from HP and finally

AVA CAD/CAM Software for the designer’s tool box by Duncan Ross and Natalie Leeb.

All topics were presented by a speaker who is an expert in his or her field and currently employed within the wider industry.

Here is a little synopsis of what was covered by each expert:

Copyright & Intellectual Property by Tony Catterall – Tony heads Taylors’ Intellectual Property team and provides a full range of strategic advice covering intellectual property disputes, contracts and licensing. He is consulted daily on copyright and design right matters and has been involved in a number of high profile cases. He is one of the best known lawyers in the home furnishings industry. His awareness of the textiles, interior design and wall coverings markets ensures he is nationally regarded as a leader in the field of designs and copyright. Tony presented the importance of copyright in the design field, covering: how copyright arises, when to register a design, ownership of copyright and design, protection of copyright designs and commercial issues. Tony’s presentation was invaluable with many questions raised and answered after his presentation with regards to all copyright matters.

Wallpaper Substrates – For Designs to come alive by Gavin Gould from Ahlstrom- Gavin discussed the challenges facing paper manufacturers in keeping apace the demands of wall covering manufacturers. Gavin has worked in the global wallcoverings market for over 20 years, having lived and worked in France, Belgium, USA and most recently Shanghai, China. Gavin currently works for two major substrate companies to deliver material solutions to printers and designers, so that their wall covering collections are functional and attractive.

‘The Designers Challenge’ by Stephanie Jebbitt – With many years experience working at senior level, Design Director at GPJ Baker and Ulster Weavers Apparel, and visiting lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, Stephanie now works as a freelance design consultant and director for some of the most respected companies in textiles and wall coverings. Stephanie outlined the changes and advances that have impacted the role of the designer in recent years, discussing how the designer today has more flexibility and freedom to innovate, but how they also require constant in-depth knowledge and experience of multiple technical processes to maximise their commercial awareness. This particular presentation was very inspiring and passionately presented.

Digital printing by Rana Raychoudhury from HP – As a worldwide Advanced Technical consultant in HP Latex Technology, Rana discussed the demands on today’s markets and the technology behind those demands. Rana is the worldwide principal technical consultant for decoration at HP. Rana explained how HP’s latex technology is revolutionising the economics of wallcovering production and how it can benefit surface designers, giving them greater scope and freedom.

AVA CAD/CAM Software for the designer’s tool box by Duncan Ross and Natalie Leeb – Commercial Director Duncan Ross has 20 years experience working the decorative industries world-wide. The live software presentation given by Natalie Leeb and narrated by Duncan Ross, showed the benefits and why specialist software is an essential for any designers toolbox.

It was a very successful event with very good attendance and support from both academia and industry, with universities visiting from Scotland, England, Wales and as far away as Austria.

It was a very informative day with guest speakers from all across the industries. The day was concluded by a very special and comprehensive tour of the Graham & Brown studio and factory- wow was this impressive stuff!

We very look forward to seeing whats on the agenda for the next Academia to Industry Conference.

For more detailed information about i-dott, what is all about, next events, or how to become a member please follow this link.

Academia to Industry - i-dott's Spring ConferenceAcademia to Industry - i-dott's Spring ConferenceAcademia to Industry - i-dott's Spring ConferenceAcademia to Industry - i-dott's Spring ConferenceAcademia to Industry - i-dott's Spring ConferenceAcademia to Industry - i-dott's Spring ConferenceAcademia to Industry - i-dott's Spring Conference

AVA take on JCB mud run to support NSPCC

11 members of the AVA team agreed to take the plunge and challenge themselves to conquer the JCB Mud Run 2017.

The annual event is organised by JCB and held in the heart of Staffordshire. JCB’s chosen charity is NSPCC and aim to raise £55,000.00 to match the amount raised in 2016…if not beat it!

AVA chose to take part in the run to show our support for NSPCC, paying the entry fee for our AVAtors.
We interviewed some of the staff that took part, to see how they prepared themselves for the big muddy challenge…

“I believe there is no better reason to run, swim and laugh in mud than a good cause such as this. Its such a nice way to bond with people too, but I do believe AVA is more than just a team, we are like a family I guess. I have been pretty active overall with exercise so this will be a good way to put myself through a challenge as I know everyone at AVA is extremely healthy and fit so I will need to keep up!” - Alexey Belinskiy

I’m looking forward to this, I hope everyone enjoys it and gets good and muddy, it’s all for a good cause.” – Rob Soames

“I think I am looking forward to the run, although I am bricking it a little!  I’ve been training for the Manchester 10K so I am hoping that will help me out with this mud run too, although I have no upper body strength so monkey bars will be monkey falls for me…and I don’t like tunnels…or heights!”Natalie Leeb

After a fabulous day (and a old good scrub!) we re-interviewed some of the AVAtors to see hear they got on:

“So what can I say…. it was sunny, hard, sweaty, muddy, smelly and SO much fun! We all made it as a team and had a cracking day. It felt amazing to be able to share this experience and effort with the AVA team. It was all worth it as a pint has never felt so deserved after the amount of mud the team had to go through.” - Alexey Belinskiy

“What a great day for a great charitable cause, I’d definitely do it again and encourage more people to get involved! It was so much fun and not as difficult as expected. It was great to see us all working together and sticking together throughout the course. It was great to have support from our AVA fans too! ” - Jodie Burgess

“The run was an absolute hoot, such good fun and when I got home I started looking at other mud runs to sign up for, think I’ve fallen in love with mud!  I hope we do this one again next year!” - Natalie Leeb

Well done to all that took part, AVA are very proud of all your efforts- go mud runners, go!

A few more may even be tempted to join in next mud run after seeing all the fun the team had…


AVA take on JCB mud run to support NSPCCAVA take on JCB mud run to support NSPCC
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