Texselect AVA CAD/CAM Award winners

This year AVA continued to support the fabulous TexSelect charity. Being supporters we were privileged to be invited down to London for the private event for TexSelect sponsors, press and VIP guests. The exhibition was held at The Triangle Building, Chelsea College of Art & Design and was heavily attended by industry and prestigious designers. It was here that the work of 24 newly graduated and highly skilled textile designers was displayed.

As in previous years, the standards were extremely high so we decided make five AVA TexSelect Training awards. The AVA TexSelect Training award consists of a week of intensive training at the AVA headquarters in Macclesfield. The course covers an introduction to the key functions of AVA Design and Repeat, Separations, Colouring, Materialize and Layout modules, mimicking the creative process used by many of our customers in order to enable the designers to understand how their creativity can integrate with an industrial manufacturing operation. During the course the designers are also encouraged to work on their own portfolio using the AVA software to help them present their designs and ideas.  As part of the award (after the training course) the TexSelect designers have continued access to AVA software to help them reinforce what they have learnt and to help expand their portfolio ready for exhibitions at Premiere Vision, Paris in September.

Our chosen winners are: Florence Yexley, Eve Campbell, Beth Porter, Hayley Chapman and Cassia MacDonald.

These designers have provided a brief summary of their current collections below and we will be catching up with them when they join us for their AVA training to gather more information on their skills and ambitions..

We are now delighted to introduce…

Eve Campbell
“I have been working on creating a printed collection that captures the transient nature of surface and form on Scotland’s West Coast. I studied small areas that could be described as a hinterland and areas on the brink of survival. On the boundary between the shore and the land we experience Scottish ‘tundra’ with lichens and mosses growing on rocks and plants with a delicate intricacy, demonstrating resiliency to survive and thrive. I have worked at capturing these microcosms of colour, pattern, shape and texture of ‘anti-fragile pioneers’ throughout my collection. I have been creating surface pattern that is designed to exist in man made environments and brings nature as an abstract form to people’s lives. My prints have all been created through developing techniques and my skills at paper stencilling. From the beginning of my project I worked my prints as if they were an extension of my sketchbook and drawings. Through paper stencilling and colour mixing I was able to approach printing in a very spontaneous manner, creating one off designs. I experimented with large scale printing and explored different materials such as clay and concrete where I used similar processes to create my designs but through different techniques.”

DSC02844   TexSelect_EveCampbell02


Hayley Chapman
“I have just completed my degree in BA Fashion and Textiles specialising in print, studying at Colchester school of Art. Inspired by my surroundings of the countryside, capturing large amounts of photographs has been a major part of my design process. I frequently combine this with juxtapositional themes which allow me to experiment with a wide range of processes including hand and digital print. My collection concentrates on the nostalgia of storytelling, echoing childhood memories of my Grandma’s household. These memories inspired my hand-painted illustrations and digital techniques. Three key themes have been explored; garden florals, potting shed geometrics and ceramic house-hold treasures – all linking to places I explored when I was younger. Uniting these themes has created a juxtaposition of the indoors and outdoors in an adventurous colour palette inspired by ceramics within museums and local gardens. Screen printing, foiling, flocking and digital printing techniques have created a range of textures that complement one another, creating a refreshing collection for interiors, accessories and fashion.”

Texselect_HayleyChapman01   Texselect_HayleyChapman02


Cassia MacDonald
“I’ve recently graduated from Winchester School of Art with a degree in Fashion and Textile design specialising in printed textiles. My work is very inspired by folk art and folk costume. It is influenced by storybooks that I write and illustrate myself. Each storybook aims to educate children on different social justice messages, and this is where the imagery for my prints come from. My work is very textural and playful and I always like to give a handmade, collaged feel to it. I rely heavily on colour, often mixing collage, lino printing, screen printing and gouache paint as well as digital tools to create my designs. I find myself continually trying to push the boundaries between the abstract geometric and the illustrative conversational and see how these can work together to create repeat patterns as well as placement designs.”

Texselect_CassieMacDonald01   Texselect_Cassie MacDonald02


Beth Porter
“I am inspired by mostly other artist’s work drawing different elements from artworks, including painting and drawing styles as well as colour and different techniques. I also love outsider art. I love the full on art pieces full of exciting ideas and the energy that is clearly used to produce these colourful creations. I love creating my own characters and monsters and developing a journey throughout collections.  I’m drawn to colour and love using colour in unusual ways creating fun, playful and energetic collections full of excitement. I enjoy using mixed media to create exciting pieces combining different textures and collaged elements.”

Texselect_BethPorter01   Texselect_BethPorter02


Florence Yexley
“As a designer I enjoy working in a highly digital manner and have a passion for creative photography and refined digital painting. The processes that I use are predominately digital, whilst the concepts focus on raising awareness to our ever evolving planet and encourage well-being benefits through colour theory. With a coherent blend of design and contextualisation I aim to create designs for the mens fashion market with a contemporary and sophisticated handwriting. Due to my design style I am confident on the Adobe creative suite and enjoy challenging my skill set by experimenting with new techniques. I have a meticulous eye for detail which is evident in my work as I aim to keep a high level of clarity and definition to aid my style.In addition to designing I have a passion for trend forecasting and keeping up to date with the latest trends. Blending traditional and contemporary ideologies are key to my design ethos, The Peacock era during the 1960’s-70s where flamboyant outbursts in the men’s- wear market largely inspires my work.”

TexSelect_FlorenceYexley01   TexSelect_FlorenceYexley02


We are very excited to welcome these talented designers to AVA for their training… and then meeting up with them at Premiere Vision in Paris to see what they have achieved after training with the software and what their thoughts are of the training course, the software and how successful Premiere Vision was for them. We will catch up with each of them and keep you up to date with their thoughts and news.

Texselect AVA CAD/CAM Award winnersTexselect AVA CAD/CAM Award winnersTexselect AVA CAD/CAM Award winnersTexselect AVA CAD/CAM Award winners
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