That’s right… baby boom is back, and what a wonderful arrival we have to share with you as the extended AVA family continues to grow…


Our Financial Manager Luke, and his wife Emma, are delighted to welcome the safe arrival of Baby Theo, who was born into the early hours of the morning on 27th April, weighing a healthy 7lb 2oz. Of course, we also want to congratulate our CEO, Nick, who is now the very proud Grandad for the first time to little Theo! Both new parents (and grandad!) are adapting well and settling perfectly into the role of Mummy, Daddy and Grandad. Parenthood has come very naturally to both Luke and Emma and they love it! Both very organised characters they have their daily routine all sorted and in place and it’s all working to clockwork so far. Luke and Emma’s favourite time of the day with cutie Theo is his bath time, all 3 are already enjoying giggles, smiles and big splashes, not sure who is getting wetter, or having most fun, mummy, daddy or baby Theo?! We have already had a visit from young Theo, who has a very calm, chilled nature, sleeping his way through the hustle and bustle of AVA’s offices. We did try and pinch him to wake him up, but alas, he was too tired from all the splashing in the bath!



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