AVA 5.0 – the platform for 5.1 and much more!

Earlier this year we announced the exciting launch of our “most significant release to date”… AVA 5.0.

With new features and concepts spanning the entire software, we felt that the significance of this release truly meant it was “the start of a new era!”

It’s important to note that we stated “most significant release to dateand not “most significant release ever” and that’s because we consider the January release of 5.0 just the beginning of so much more…

We are therefore delighted to now announce AVA 5.1, which takes further leaps forward from the platform created by the AVA 5.0 release.

We’ve enhanced the concept of Custom Palettes which featured in 5.0 and now introduce to you ‘Automated Tasks’. This technology now allows users to build and modify their own automated tasks, increasing productivity by combining a multitude of everyday menu items into a single click. Everyday tasks such as previewing production effects, starting a separation, checking the tracking of layers, or converting your AVA Separation into Photoshop layers can now be automated, saving you significant time on repetitive tasks… the possibilities are virtually endless.


We know that not all workflows are the same and how you use AVA’s software can differ, dependant on what your daily tasks are and what industry you work within. That’s why we invested a lot of time in research, expanding the R&D team to include ideas from other members of staff and fully utilising their specialised industry knowledge and experience. This has resulted in a combination of new working methods and techniques devised by the team which take advantage of our new automation task technology:

Separate K
This advanced separation method will allow you to remove black from your design, giving you the freedom to pick much cleaner colours from the image and thus a better separation output overall, in a shorter time.

Surface Print Effect
It is now possible to emulate a Surface Print Effect in just the click of a button. This modifiable function gives chosen layers the look of having been surface printed, allowing designers to show clients a simulation of the final product at a design stage.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 15.10.44

Spot to PSD export
With just a click of a button you can automatically configure spot layers into image layers for importing files into Photoshop as a PSD.

Tracking Checker
Check for misregistration on a file, using this Button.  With a single click all the layers in a file can be randomly nudged so you can quickly check your separation for potential tracking issues.

Productivity Manager 
It’s now even simpler to check your design progress with the integrated Productivity Manager. Quickly access a history of documented information for each file directly from your AVA application which is automatically logged.

Saving TIFF files with LZW compression
Using Packbit compression makes saving Tiff files  2.8 times faster and LZW compression is 11 times faster. The resulting files now also take less disk space than before. This will save you a lot of time when working with Tiff files, which can only boost productivity!

Of course, amongst the automated task functionality there have been developments in other areas of the software. We can also announce that along with AVA 5.1 comes the release of ColourSys 2.0!  There are many enhancements for ColourSys 2.0, all of which provide the you with a cleaner and more efficient program.

Compare Button
Gain further control with the multi-view picker, making adjustments to the colours in your files with the ability to now analyse and compare the original colours and new colours live on your screen.

‘Find’ function in Colourfile
We’ve vastly improved the ‘Find’ function within the colourfile window, so  you can now simply type in the information you want to find and it will automatically pop up with the corresponding colour.

Merge Colour Files
This exciting development helps de-clutter your screen, giving you a cleaner and more accessible work space.  Now you can ‘Merge All Windows’, and even view them all simultaneously in one window; giving you a tidier, easier to navigate space.


So what’s next?
The beauty of our latest technology is that all of this is totally customisable to your workflow. You can adopt these new methods, even create and build your own, or simply continue working with methods that currently suit you.  Our team are also continuously working on other underlying developments throughout the software, making AVA even more stable with Apple’s latest OS.

One of AVA’s core values is ‘Vision’ and we believe that this release provides considerable evidence of that. Rather than relying solely on feedback from customers in the form of feature requests (valuable although these continue to be), we consider that our job is to use the privileged overview of the decorative printing industries which we serve which we gain from working closely with so many prestigious customers to look ahead and try to predict and offset some of the challenges which our customers will face over the next few years from rising costs, lengthening supply chains and other sources. We hope that you will be pleased with the results.

For further information about the software or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team, who’d be happy to help.

Here’s to looking forward to 5.2!

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