New advice for choosing hardware

AVA is a powerful graphics application but most of the processing has always been done on the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The faster the CPU, the faster AVA will run.  AVA has also been optimised to take full advantage of multiple CPUs. So when specifying a new computer, you’d just look for the fastest CPU with the most ‘cores’. There is, however, another variable when selecting a computer and that’s the graphics card (GPU- Graphics Processing Unit). Since most of the work in AVA is done on the CPU we used to advise people that they only need specify a basic GPU. However…

AVA 4.15 has an exciting new Structure Simulation window which displays emboss, blown vinyl and other structures in three dimensions. Since the 3D calculations are done in the GPU, it is now advisable to specify a better Graphics card when choosing your computer. In recent years the Mac operating system has also started to use the GPU’s more so you will gain there too.


New versions of the operating system (mac OS) can now be downloaded for free. You are reminded that AVA 4.15 requires mac OS 10.11 or newer and we recommend the latest 10.12 mac OS Sierra.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require hardware advise or help in installing an operating system as we’d be happy to help you.

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