AVA Development Plan Movie in the making

Late last year AVA opened our doors and invited London based filmmaking company, Media Nerd, to work with us to capture and create a video illustrating the benefits of AVA’s Development Plan.

Whilst we believe AVA is full of stars, we had the difficult task to cast just six members of our team to feature alongside four of our fabulous customers on screen.

Dressing room dramas aside, our staff scrubbed up well after wardrobe and makeup tweaks – all done up it was time to step in front of the camera. A daunting task to say the least…lights, camera, action!

dpvideo01First up to get the camera rolling was the very composed Joanne Ratcliffe, Design Manger of Adamley Textiles, a local customer of ours who kindly agreed to feature as part of the video. Joanne has previous experience of speaking in front of the camera being filmed as part of the BBC Ones Country File and she proved to be a real pro!

Certainly a tough act to follow,  our next customer on set wasn’t phased at all… Chris Whelan, Director of Pure Design Studios, based in Bollington, Cheshire. Chris arrived at the offices prior to his time slot not really sure what to expect; however both ourselves and Media Nerd were impressed with his confidence and delivery when on the spot and in front of the camera, he was a  natural … the next James Bond we suspect!

Our last but not least on screen customer duo were the lovely Jenny and Jo, both design managers at Louvolite.  Louvolite design and produce blinds for the home furnishing market and are based in Hyde. X marked the spot where they stood and both ladies appeared to be at total ease, settling into the bright lights and camera- two beautiful budding actresses, a new career may await these two ladies!

dpvideo07Next to take to the centre stage was the AVA star struck team. Bravely agreeing to feature in front of the camera we had a range of staff from our Development Plan team, Customer Service Director, Commercial Director, R&D Director, Finance Manager before wrapping it up with AVAs CEO Nick Langford.  Thankfully, Media Nerd’s guidance made the process run as professionally and smoothly as possible with their coordination, tips and tricks reassuring any nervous participants and putting them at ease for their 15 minutes of fame!

We’d like to thank all of our customers for their time, kind contribution and thank you to Media Nerd for their professional assistance from start to finish.

To watch our promotional movie, get the popcorn ready, sit back relax and follow this link…. we hope that you enjoy! autographs can be arranged if necessary :)

(Coming soon in AVA’s supported languages; Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish)


AVA Development Plan Movie in the makingAVA Development Plan Movie in the makingAVA Development Plan Movie in the making
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