AVA’s Chief Executive Officer, Nick Langford, was recently asked about the ‘Core Value’ program which we are implementing at AVA. Given Nick’s belief that many of these ‘values’ are shared by our customers, you might be interested to hear what they are…


In 2016 you introduced a ‘core values’ program to AVA – Why?

Because there is plenty of research to prove that companies which successfully adopt and internalise the right values are better at satisfying their customers and therefore happier and  – in the long run – more successful.

So what are the four core values of AVA?

Vision, Integrity, Community and Expertise


We need to be creative, to look to the long term and to constantly challenge both industry wide, and our own internal, assumptions


We believe that successful businesses are built on long term trust and you have to earn that trust  through consistent honesty, humility (the ability to learn from your mistakes) and transparency. We don’t sell products or services that we wouldn’t buy ourselves.

Community – that’s an interesting one?

Yes, we cluster a whole bunch of values around that word to reflect both the way we (the AVA team) work with each other but also our relationships with customers – through support and Life Long Learning initiatives – and the wider community. I suppose the most important common threads are the importance of personal relationships, shared long term objectives and a culture of service.

And finally Expertise? What’s that about?

Simply the fact that there wouldn’t be much point creating a nice, friendly, cuddly company if we weren’t also very good at our jobs. We specialise in a relatively narrow area (decorative print as opposed to packaging, magazines, signage or other graphics related fields). Despite being a relatively small company, we probably have an unrivalled pool of expertise in this field (more than 500 man years of specialist experience) and offer specialised integrated work flows which generic products cannot match. We spend a lot of money on continual research and development and expect all of our staff to achieve the very highest standards of professionalism and attention to detail in all that they do.

AVA’s key strapline has always been ‘Partners for all time’ – Isn’t that an odd choice for a software company?

Our strapline reflects the fact that we don’t think of ourselves as a ‘software company’ but more as a technology partner. That distinction reflects the fact that operator support and training are just as important as technical research and software development and the ‘all time’ bit is intended to indicate that (in our view) there is little point in making a one off ‘snapshot’ type investment in technology like this – businesses are successful when they successfully adopt and fully integrate evolving technology and the people development that goes with it. It also ties in with the fact that, in our experience, many of the companies who work with us would feel quite comfortable with AVA’s ‘core values’ in the sense that – whether or not they have conducted a similar, explicit values based program themselves – they tend to be businesses which are run along similar lines to our own. Perhaps that’s why we get on with each other and often enjoy successful business relationships over many years.


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