Ones to watch from new designers 2016!

After a fabulous 2 weeks at New Designers immersed in colour and pattern we have hand picked some of the best UK talent.

The following graduates were shortlisted for the AVA New Designers award, and we think are certainly worth watching in the future.

We hope that you enjoy this work as much as we did and we wish the graduates every success in the future.

Alison Cottrell

“My work features quirky illustrative and painterly approaches for both fashion and interiors that explore colour, culture and the environment. My graduate collection was based on the theme of social commentary, focusing on the layering of multicultural influences, inspired by current world events. I experiment with screen printing processes and digital design to create energetic and vibrant design work. I have recently begun experimenting with hand crafted, patterned embellishments to add further curiosity to my prints.”

Web: www.alicottrell.com


Tel: 07850357007



Laura Ensinger

” ‘Poetic Profusion’ provides an opulent interiors print collection that’s bursting with artistic integrity, challenging fast paced digitally generated design. The collection explores the contrast between expressive painting and controlled drawing, bringing both versatility and personality into mass market design as consumers increasingly resist uniformity in their homes. We see digital print technology merging with hand processes, enabling the tonal and textural qualities of artwork to take centre stage in commercial design.”

Web: www.lauraensinger.co.uk

E-mail: lauraensinger@gmail.com

Tel: 07795433245



Victoria Friend

“My current project has been focused around the English Garden Floral; I have used delicate watercolour designs to create large-scale prints. I specialise in hand painted fabrics and my work is created from the polychromatic process; that involves hand painting onto the reverse of a screen and printing when dry. I am able to create detail and tone, through my painted techniques. Working on a maximised scale, also means I am able to see a very different and contemporary perspective to my fabrics when placed into an interiors environment.”

Web: www.victoriafriend.wix.com/print


Tel: 07766011724



Emilie Georgia

“Designs that bring the outdoors in. ‘The Language of Flowers’ was inspired by ‘Hanakotoba’ the Japanese ancient art of assigning meanings to flowers without the use of words. Balancing the bolder hues of wild flowers with harmonious charcoal textures each design has its own meaning within an interior bouquet.”

Web: www.emiliegeorgia.com




Zoe Hopgood

“Midnight Flora is a dark romantic collection that brings beautiful eccentricity into luxury interiors. Inspired by traditional botanical illustrations, an array of fantastical plant species come together to create unique floral hybrids depicted within a collection of exquisite wallpapers and furnishing fabrics.”

Instagram: @zoelouisedesigns

E-mail: zoelouisehopgood@yahoo.co.uk

Tel: 07803715404

ZoeHopgood_Evening Dusk Wallpaper


Abbie McAndrews

“With the idea of the preservation of elements of the natural world,  Abbie tries to capture moments in time with her new collection, through reflecting the blossoming of  flowers and plants formations through the changes from dark to light. Evoking the development of colour tones from Winter to Autumn and in doing so preserving natural forms which are effected by global warming, a major focus in the work Abbie produces. This has resulted in a collection of interior fabrics, wallpapers, ceramic tableware, lighting and furniture pieces.”

Web: www.abbielmcandrews.com


Tel: 07801087949



Anna Ormerod

“A contemporary twist on florals, vibrant use of colour combined with expressive mark making and spray can textures. Executed with a strong urban aesthetic, Concrete Blossom takes inspiration from gritty urban landscapes then softened with a feminine approach.”

Web: www.annaormerod.wix.com/aodesigns

E-mail: anna_ormerod@hotmail.co.uk



Stephanie Reid

“I graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, in Dundee with a first class honours degree. My graduate collection focused on commercial design. I explored how to retain the qualities and energy from hand painted design work through the use of modern technology like Adobe Photoshop. I focused on how to structure motifs into repeat patterns so that the designs flow and do not look static. The collection shows my proficiency in using digital technology to create floral patterns that can be applied to a variety of products within commercial design.”

Web: www.stephaniejreid.co.uk

E-mail: stephaniejreid@hotmail.co.uk

Tel: 07807486787



Charlotte Amy Street

“Deception, is a collection that explores the effect of layering designs into surfaces, creating the illusion of a 3D surface, printed onto a 2D surface. Using a mixture of photographs, drawings and watercolour paintings to create a cohesive collection of repeated wallpapers, furnishing fabrics and double-faced cushions . Showcasing the hidden and overlooked beauty of natural wearing surfaces. Combining my favourite plants; pansies, lemons, passionflowers and ferns as well as tiled designs and peeling walls.”

Web: www.castdesignltd.com


Tel: 07519780401





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