Out now – AVA 4.11

We are proud to announce that AVA 4.11 will be available very soon and we are excited to show it to you all. Here is just a taster of what’s to come:

Rotation of Layout Design Objects
Rotation of design objects can now be performed ‘live’ at any angle directly within the Layout window. This opens up possibilities for more creative presentation layouts for studios and artists and also brings enhanced functionality for digital printers, as designs can be now be embedded with a more appropriate orientation to fill media width.

New, More Powerful Separate Colour
A new version of Separate Colour now includes a ‘live’ interface, similar to that found in Combine to Layer bringing with it smarter initiation and comparison of separations, simultaneous gamma adjustments and retainable scale values. We believe this is arguably our best separation method to date and we expect you will be able to create better separations than were possible before in a faster time.

‘Shape Tracking’ Paint and Design Effects
AVA 4.11 sees a ‘hands on’ boost in creativity through the introduction of some interesting, flexible paint and design effects. The new effects can be applied using any brush, freehand shapes and also lasso selection tools. A floating preference window has been introduced for each of the tools, where the overall shape and frequency control of the effect can be adjusted. As each preference window is autonomous, different effects can be set for individual tools. The effects become particularly expressive when used in conjunction with other brush effects such as custom brushes, rotate, spacing and Wacom pressure settings (or Ink Well).

Enhanced ‘Super’ Zoom
Zooming is now faster and more fluid than ever before with the introduction of a ‘super’ zoom method, designed specifically to quickly and accurately zero in on key detail. The new method can be used in both the Design and Layout windows.

More Powerful and Effective Combine to Layer Within Selections
Combine to Layer within selections has significantly evolved to allow fast multiple combines to multiple layers within multiple selections. Clicking ‘Make’ with an active selection now effectively anchors the area within the layer preview, channelling all adjustments through it, even if the selection itself is deselected. Multiple selections can be set to multiple layers at the same time thanks to the preview technology, providing a more fluid and smarter workflow. Adjustments can be made, fixed and another selection applied to one or more layers, making fine tweaking of separations and overprinting information quicker and more accurate than ever before.

High Quality, Print Job previews
Print jobs can now be quickly and easily identified in both the RIP application and the Finder via high quality, file previews. The previews look particularly impressive in the Finder using Coverflow view or when Quicklooking multiple files and can be further visualised via the new ‘job preview’ column in the RIP. An additional benefit to these preview enhancements is there is now larger, higher quality Quicklook previews on AVA files further strengthening file management for all.

Logical Menu Revisions and Enhancements
Major and frequently used menus have been revised and refocused in AVA 4.11, promoting a more balanced and smarter workflow, making navigation more logical and the overall learning experience simpler. Views and window menus have been reorganised and there are now dedicated Colourway and Layout menus. A major benefit of the revisions is that Colourway menu items can now be used in both Design and Layout windows.

Overprint Settings Saved Within the AVA File
Overprint settings are now automatically saved within the AVA file (ava3) when using a custom ‘Document’ view setting. The feature further strengthens crucial colour stability and consistency when sharing design files, whether it be between various AVA stations printing digitally within a single studio or multiple production sites across the globe striving to maintain colour standards.

A Leaner, Customisable Layers Palette
AVA 4.11 allows sections of the layers palette header to be customised, so infrequently used or irrelevant sections can be hidden and screen space maximised. Other areas of reorganisation include the omission of the Layers Palette Action menu with its items now more logically placed in other menus. There is also the introduction of a new ‘Make all layers active / visible’ set of features to speed up workflow within the Layers Palette.

Enhanced Dynamic Text – More Detailed Summaries
The addition of new dynamic text tags for overprint and layer attributes provides the ability to create more detailed summaries of print and colour critical information in the Layout page. Whilst clearly a major benefit to the digital print industry we feel that the inclusion of such data would improve and tighten all workflows.

Out now - AVA 4.11Out now - AVA 4.11Out now - AVA 4.11Out now - AVA 4.11Out now - AVA 4.11Out now - AVA 4.11Out now - AVA 4.11Out now - AVA 4.11
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