Inside AVA: Baby Boom Continues


First time parents Simon and Samantha Vincent are delighted to introduce their gorgeous baby boy, Tristan William to the world. Born on 20/02/17 at Macclesfield hospital, Tristan weighed in at a healthy 6 lb. 8 oz. With Simon and Sam’s first wedding anniversary falling just two days later, Tristan truly was the perfect gift to add to the family. Both Mummy and Daddy are adapting well to parenthood and are proving to be true naturals. With only a few late nights and early mornings so far, they are really enjoying the little chap (who can blame them!). At this early stage it appears that Tristan has inherited the calm and relaxed natures of both parents – long may it last!
And we mustn’t forget the family dog Milo who is also loving his new baby ‘brother’. Milo’s pastime is trying to give Tristan lots of kisses, but best of all is stealing his socks from the clothes horse!

We have been lucky enough to have already had a visit from baby Tristan, but we can’t wait for more …Come on Simon! When is the next visit?


Inside AVA: Baby Boom ContinuesInside AVA: Baby Boom Continues

AVA Development Plan Movie in the making

Late last year AVA opened our doors and invited London based filmmaking company, Media Nerd, to work with us to capture and create a video illustrating the benefits of AVA’s Development Plan.

Whilst we believe AVA is full of stars, we had the difficult task to cast just six members of our team to feature alongside four of our fabulous customers on screen.

Dressing room dramas aside, our staff scrubbed up well after wardrobe and makeup tweaks – all done up it was time to step in front of the camera. A daunting task to say the least…lights, camera, action!

dpvideo01First up to get the camera rolling was the very composed Joanne Ratcliffe, Design Manger of Adamley Textiles, a local customer of ours who kindly agreed to feature as part of the video. Joanne has previous experience of speaking in front of the camera being filmed as part of the BBC Ones Country File and she proved to be a real pro!

Certainly a tough act to follow,  our next customer on set wasn’t phased at all… Chris Whelan, Director of Pure Design Studios, based in Bollington, Cheshire. Chris arrived at the offices prior to his time slot not really sure what to expect; however both ourselves and Media Nerd were impressed with his confidence and delivery when on the spot and in front of the camera, he was a  natural … the next James Bond we suspect!

Our last but not least on screen customer duo were the lovely Jenny and Jo, both design managers at Louvolite.  Louvolite design and produce blinds for the home furnishing market and are based in Hyde. X marked the spot where they stood and both ladies appeared to be at total ease, settling into the bright lights and camera- two beautiful budding actresses, a new career may await these two ladies!

dpvideo07Next to take to the centre stage was the AVA star struck team. Bravely agreeing to feature in front of the camera we had a range of staff from our Development Plan team, Customer Service Director, Commercial Director, R&D Director, Finance Manager before wrapping it up with AVAs CEO Nick Langford.  Thankfully, Media Nerd’s guidance made the process run as professionally and smoothly as possible with their coordination, tips and tricks reassuring any nervous participants and putting them at ease for their 15 minutes of fame!

We’d like to thank all of our customers for their time, kind contribution and thank you to Media Nerd for their professional assistance from start to finish.

To watch our promotional movie, get the popcorn ready, sit back relax and follow this link…. we hope that you enjoy! autographs can be arranged if necessary :)

(Coming soon in AVA’s supported languages; Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish)


AVA Development Plan Movie in the makingAVA Development Plan Movie in the makingAVA Development Plan Movie in the making

Inside AVA: New staff

One of our newest members of the AVA support team is the quirky Alexey. He describes himself as ‘sunshine mixed with a little hurricane’, yup his words not ours! I personally would describe him as a thoughtful and extremely helpful and caring young man who brings a ray of sunshine laughter and chaos to the office. Born in Russia, Alexey lived there until he was 8 years old. He then moved to Spain where he lived until 2012 when he came to the UK.During Alexey’s 12 years in Spain he became fully fluent in the language and the culture. Alexey was fortunate enough to move around Spain, absorbing the delightful Spanish sunshine and various different regional cultures. Many of Alexey’s homes in Spain were rural and perhaps this inspired his love of nature and wildlife. Being an outdoor person, Alexey also started to enjoy sports and activities, such as Mountain biking, hiking, running and football. Alexey reports that when he was a child he had very high energy levels and was always kicking a ball around with his friends. When you meet Alexey you will see that these energy levels have remained and he certainly keeps us all on our toes! Skateboarding is the another sporting interest that Alexey has maintained up to present day. Other hobbies that Alexey enjoys with his friends are long walks and photography. As a multi linguist, speaking fluent Russian, Spanish and English, Alexey believes that instead of just learning a language, it’s also important to absorb the culture. Look out for Alexey, he will be the one with the helmet on balancing a ball on his skateboard and bouncing off the walls!




Julia is another very bright new AVA recruit who has brought a beautiful beaming smile and an array of language skills and charm to the AVA team. Having grown up in Kidderminster, West Midlands Julia is a loyal girl who’s a strong supporter of her hometown team Kidderminster Harriers FC. Although her football heart may be at home, Julia, like many of the AVA staff, has spent her time travelling the globe and experiencing all kinds of wonderful places and cultures. Being half Scottish, Julia also has a keen interest in the Scottish premiership and Celtic football club, but more importantly she has a love of the finer Scottish cuisine and drinks- Irn bru!!

Graduating from Bath University in 2014, Julia left with a degree in German and French European studies. Before joining AVA Julia used her language skills liaising with clients in Germany as an IT recruiter.

Having a love for the German language, she also spent 6 months living abroad in Saarland, Germany working as a foreign language assistant in a local school. Julia loved working with children of all abilities, teaching them English and inspiring them daily; some of the children even modelled themselves on Julia, adopting her latest hair style!

Ever the traveller, Julia spent her year aboard in both Germany and France, including 5 months living in the Alps near Chambéry, France, improving her spoken French by working at a call centre for a holiday company. After a few hectic months away Julia returned to the UK in 2013 ahead of her final year at Bath University before moving to the south of Manchester in 2014.

Unsurprisingly, Julia has a wide range of activities, hobbies and talents up her sleeve. In her spare time Julia enjoys regularly playing the piano, exerting some energy going to the gym, or catching up with friends, eating out at some of Manchester’s many restaurants.

So watch out for our Julia who will inspire you with her language skills but also keep you on your toes with her love of music from classical to hard rock. One smile from Julia will certainly brighten up your day. I am sure you are looking forward to experiencing it.

New advice for choosing hardware

AVA is a powerful graphics application but most of the processing has always been done on the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The faster the CPU, the faster AVA will run.  AVA has also been optimised to take full advantage of multiple CPUs. So when specifying a new computer, you’d just look for the fastest CPU with the most ‘cores’. There is, however, another variable when selecting a computer and that’s the graphics card (GPU- Graphics Processing Unit). Since most of the work in AVA is done on the CPU we used to advise people that they only need specify a basic GPU. However…

AVA 4.15 has an exciting new Structure Simulation window which displays emboss, blown vinyl and other structures in three dimensions. Since the 3D calculations are done in the GPU, it is now advisable to specify a better Graphics card when choosing your computer. In recent years the Mac operating system has also started to use the GPU’s more so you will gain there too.


New versions of the operating system (mac OS) can now be downloaded for free. You are reminded that AVA 4.15 requires mac OS 10.11 or newer and we recommend the latest 10.12 mac OS Sierra.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require hardware advise or help in installing an operating system as we’d be happy to help you.

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