I-dott 2018 competition

Every year i-dott host an annual competition, providing the opportunity for student designers to present their work to the international wallpaper and textile industries.

Well in their fourth year of running, we’re please to advise that i-dott have now launched their 2018 competition!

With a range of design briefs, the possibility to connect with industry professionals and the chance to potentially sell their work, or win monetary prizes … this is certainly an exciting competition for students! Oh and did we mention that it’s totally FREE to enter?!

Sound interesting? … click here to read more information on the design briefs, terms and conditions plus all the necessary details on how to enter.


Pictured below: i-dott winners of 2017 with guest of honour Jocelyn Warner
and category sponsors Anstey, Arthouse, CWV and Graham & Brown.

I-dott 2017 winners

I-dott 2018 competition


The Silk Bureau return with more exciting news!

As the UK’s leading digital textile printing company, for fashion and interiors, The Silk Bureau have launched their latest student competition, which this year focusses on complimentary repeating patterns.

If you are currently planning your 2017/2018 academic year project briefs or module assignments, this new competition may be of interest to you. As the competition is open until 11th November 2017, it allows plenty of time for linking into your planned work schedule and student submission dates. If this does not fit in with your plans for the next academic year, then students are still welcome to submit their own designs independent of their studies.

So what are the benefits of taking part?

• Develop digital and computer skills.

• Visual communication skills.

• Surface pattern design.

• Good assessment of professional skills desired by the fashion and interiors industry.

• Experience of working with others in a professional environment.

• Awareness of the digital printing process.

• Exceptional low cost of printing bespoke design onto 100% pure silk base.


Every entry will receive 1m of printed 12m/m (53gsm) silk showing their submitted design.

The winning design will be selected by The Silk Bureau and announced on 8th January 2018. The winner will receive 5m of their design printed on 100% Silk Light Satin. It also includes a visit to the Silk Bureau’s premises where you can witness the entire digital printing process for yourself.


How to enter…

To enter this competition,  students should submit a single digital tiff file through the Silk Bureau’s website, showing both patterns www.silkbureau.co.uk/upload-form/ .Please write “Entry – Student Repeat Pattern”Competition 2017″  in the ‘comments’ box to qualify for the £30 entry fee (normally £55).

To view full details on the competition including terms and conditions, please click on the image  below:

Screen Shot silk bureau comp 2017

Good Luck!!


Texprint AVA award winners at Premiere vision 2017

AVA take great pride in being supporters of Texprint for several years now.

Earlier this year, AVA chose 5 Texprint designers to take part in the AVA Cad Specialist Training prize. Unfortunately only 3 of the winners could accept the prize, with one winner joining us in January 2018 to receive her AVA training award. Whilst training at AVA HQ in August, we interviewed the girls to see how they were getting on with learning the software and to see what benefits (if any) they thought it had given them. To read the full article and what they said please click here.

One of the key benefits of this award, apart from learning the software, how it’s used in industry and getting a 6 month free commercial licence, is for us to try and help bridge the gap between graduating and stepping into the industry. We are passionate about helping up and coming designers get their foot into the door of industry and help with networking and recruitment. This is why we felt it was important for us to support and follow up with the girls when they exhibited at Premiere Vision. We were very keen to see what they had produced with the software in the couple of weeks since training, but also to hear what they thought of their experience and to find out more about where the girls aspire to be in the future.

Sophie Pope  - Falmouth University - Textile Design, specialising in Print

SophiePope_02Sophie’s work has home furnishings stamped all over it. In fact she has stated that since exhibiting at Premiere Vision, she has learnt that she would love to work in the furnishings industry. Inspired by her natural surroundings and a love of game birds/nature, Sophie has a diverse range of skills including strong feel for composition, beautiful drawing skills and lovely sense of colour, all of which is apparent throughout her work. Many of her palettes are influenced by nature and her stunning toiles showcase Sophies perfectly. Sophie loves engaging in the whole design process from initial hand drawing sketches and painting, through to various production processes, screen printing, digital print onto wall coverings or fabrics, all the way through to the the final process of receiving a finished product,  Sophie loves each process, but what really makes Sophie tick is seeing the final product, seeing her designs come to life and the end result.

Currently living in Cornwall,  Sophie is a flexible candidate who is willing to relocate for a new job role. She has a particular interest in rejuvenating existing pieces of work from archives and says that since using AVA, she has realised that a there are a few studios who work with archived work. She understands that to be creative you don’t necessarily have to design and create something from scratch, you can bring new life to pre-existing designs. She’s also keen to enhance her ability to work with colour separations and sees this as something she’d like to get into a bit more!

Having visited Premiere Vision before, Sophie was excited to go back! Admittedly she was a little overwhelmed at the thought of actually exhibiting this time, but she states that I feel more prepared after AVA. I feel like it’s helped me build so much more knowledge about design and repeats. Without AVA I couldn’t have achieved what I have” Sophie worked extremely hard after her training with us and with her new knowledge of AVA software, she created 15 pieces in preparation for PV. Go Sophie go! We cant wait to see what she produces in the future!

Click here to read Sophie’s full interview.

Nicola Rowe – Cleveland College of Art and Design – Textile and Surface design


It’s immediately apparent when you see Nicola’s work that her greatest skill is her hand drawing and painting skills. Her work is beautiful and eye catching which is understandable, given that Nicola is heavily inspired by bold, breathtaking, large wall murals. When we arrived to interview Nicola on the second day of Premiere Vision, she had already drummed up a lot of interest from the buyers. This was Nicola’s second time at PV this year, she attended the show in February with her college, but as an exhibitor this time round, she now thinks that her work is suitable for both fashion and home furnishings. Nicola said that from this whole experience, the most beneficial part has been the confidence boost that she’s gained from receiving so many compliments. She also feels more confident about the industry and it’s processes after her training with AVA and getting to grips with new skills and techniques. “It was like a lightbulb just went on! Using the AVA repeats like that has helped me understand design more.  It helps me understand what people are looking for. I am also understanding separation and how to separate.”

Even though some of Nicola’s inspiration comes from fashion, she has always imagined herself working predominantly within the interiors industry and is willing to relocate should a job role become available. She’s also open to try new roles, with the dream that one day she can run her own brand, where she’d like to focus on designing bespoke wall hangings and features.

Click here to read Nicola’s full interview.

Madeleine Whally – Leeds Arts university – Printed textile Surface Pattern and Design


Maddie’s unique, quirky and identifiable style generated a lot of attention and interest at Premiere Vision from a range nationalities. This is great news for her,  as she is flexible and willing to relocate for work, even if it’s abroad. In fact, because of her hard working ethic, Maddie has taken a couple of opportunities and arranged for two meetings in New York during her upcoming family break! Maddie sees that her work may be most suitable to the fashion industry, with her clash of prints and colours, she loves to create bold, maximalism pieces of work.  Despite knowing what she’s most suited to, Maddie is very open minded to different opportunities and is very grounded, understanding that the industry may require her to try new roles.

With mixed emotions over her first time exhibiting at PV, Maddie is grateful for the experience and pleased with all the work she’s accumulated for her portfolio. With a huge set of already existing skills, including screen printing and digital print knowledge, a good understanding of colours, the ability to draw and sew (meaning she can add embellishments to her work for that unique 3D effect!) Maddie added that: “with AVA I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in colour separation and repeat as well.”

Maddie is eager to learn more and she is keen to work within the industry to keep developing her skills, with the long term goal of eventually doing an MA to lecture alongside her work.

Click here to read Madeline’s full interview.


AVA texprint winners and staff at PV

From left to right: Angelica C, Nicola Rowe, Duncan Ross, Debbie Buchan,  Maddie Whalley and Sophie Pope



Texprint AVA award winners at Premiere vision 2017Texprint AVA award winners at Premiere vision 2017Texprint AVA award winners at Premiere vision 2017Texprint AVA award winners at Premiere vision 2017Texprint AVA award winners at Premiere vision 2017Texprint AVA award winners at Premiere vision 2017

Texprint award winners training with AVA

AVA are thrilled to once again be supporting Texprint in all the fabulous work it does.  Established 45 years ago, Texprint is a charitable organisation that has really grown over the years and now receives high recognition for their hard work and dedication to development within textile industry. Managed by industry professionals and supported by numerous industry specialists, the organisation aims to support and nurture the UK’s newly graduated textile designers, helping bridge the gap between education and industry.

AVA recently attended the Texprint event at The Triangle Building, Chelsea College of Arts, London, where we chose 5 winners to receive the AVA Texprint Training Award. The award consisted of a one week intensive Cad Specialist Training course at AVA’s Headquarters.  As part of this award our winners also received a 6 month commercial license of the software for their own use after the course.

Our 5 chosen winners were: Nicola Rowe, Maddie Whalley, Sophie Pope, Lucy Day and Angelica Chrysanthou.

The intensive CST course gave the girls both the opportunity to broaden their existing knowledge and expand their portfolio ahead of the Premiere Vision exhibition. Learning how to Create & Repeat, Separate, Colour, Materialize plus much more, using our industry leading specialist software.

We interviewed three of the girls on the last day of their training with us earlier this September… click here to read more about their comments and training time while here at AVA.

To also find out more about the next chapter of how the textile design graduates got on at visiting Premiere Vision, and putting their newly learnt AVA skills into practice please  follow this link.


Texprint award winners training with AVA
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