Book your place NOW for our CST level 01 – Jan 2018

Our popular AVA CAD Specialist Training Course is set to return in January of 2018!

“AVA is so easy to use, it’s just opened up a whole new world for me!”

“I feel like AVA helped me build so much more knowledge about design and repeats. Without AVA I couldn’t achieve what I have!”

“The training has been really good and thorough. The trainer has been really good, she’s been personal with the training to help improve our individual design work.”

It’s statements like the above that are so rewarding to us.  These comments reiterate our belief that it’s important to keep educating designers further, helping to bridge the gap between education and industry by broadening their knowledge and opening up opportunities. (To read more comments from some of our CST graduates, please click here. 

So after another successful year of CST courses in 2017, we’re delighted to announce the first of many CST dates for 2018.

The course will provide you with:

An understanding of our software and relevant industry processes, giving you that crucial edge in interviews for jobs in our highly competitive industry.

Learn from our experts as they guide you through your training each morning, covering modules which include create and repeatseparationscolouringmaterialize and more!

During supervised time in the afternoon, you’ll have the opportunity to thoroughly explore each tool and technique and enjoy the software freely and creatively.

Upon completion of the course you you will be given a free 1 month lease of the software to help you develop your skills and knowledge, enabling you to build and create your own portfolio.

This one week course will take place at AVA’s offices, based in Macclesfield Cheshire. It will run from Monday 8th January – Friday 12th January , 9am – 5pm.

For more information and application details for this course, please submit an enquiry form here.

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Life Long Learning with AVA

Life Long Learning is the banner under which we group the training and development initiatives which we offer for the benefit both of our own staff and customers.

Clearly the concept of life long learning is not something invented by AVA. The value of individual personal development of skills and knowledge has long been recognised by successful businesses all over the world but has been accentuated in recent years by the ever increasing pace of technological development. In the decorative printing industries, ever improving technology has lead to huge advances in both product quality and employee productivity. But any technology is only as good as the people using it.

“I love working on designs in AVA! The knowledge that I gained in 3 days of training now allows me to do my work faster and to a better standard. I found the training really interesting largely thanks to the trainer’s professionalism. Thank you to all the AVA team!”

Constantly advancing technology means that businesses relying solely on initial training (for a new employee or a newly purchased technology), however thorough that initial training may be,  are almost inevitably failing to maximise the potential of both their purchased technology and of employees who could be excited, motivated and made more productive by learning new skills. There is an abundance of research across a wide variety of industries to support the (perhaps fairly obvious) statement that  employees who are constantly acquiring new skills are both more productive and more loyal to the business they work for. Adopting the view that ‘they will find a way of getting the job done eventually’, often using a combination of self help and generic software, has obvious attractions in the short term (it costs less) but experience, and, again, a large number of academic studies, suggest that this is rarely the strategy adopted by the leading, and most successful, businesses in any industry – and this is particularly true of our own.

“A thoroughly enjoyable and professional session was had during my recent training day at AVA. I would greatly recommend further training to users to keep up to date with the new options available. I found it helped to explain prior to our visit the areas we would prefer to concentrate on, which the trainer fully understood and executed perfectly.”

Sometimes a single software feature, or change in settings or working method, can revolutionise an entire business using only technology which the business has already purchased but has failed to see the potential of. Every decorative printing business is different with its own unique mix of products, target market and supply chain dynamics. AVA’s specialist trainers and consultants have a combined total of over 500 man years of industry experience gained from applying our own, and third party technologies to hundreds of successful decorative printing businesses spread across numerous specialised sectors (fashion textiles, home furnishings, wall coverings, laminates, ceramics) operating in all areas of the globe.

“Excellent training and it was very thorough, the trainer was patient and professional, with extensive industry knowledge. I very much enjoyed the two days and look forward to using Materialize.”

Investing in AVA software and training provides initial access to this pool of collective knowledge and experience but both of our key straplines, ‘mission statements’, or whatever you want to call them;

Life Long Learning’  and ‘Partners for all time’,

and indeed the whole structure of our business, reflect our conviction that the successful adoption and optimisation of ever changing technology is seen by successful businesses as a permanent on-going process, rather than as a one-off purchase. Constant re-investment in technology training and skills development makes simple economic sense – particularly given the range of training and development methods now available to AVA customers.

“The trainer was excellent. I always enjoy meeting people from AVA, it helps when I talk on the phone with them! Your program is excellent, thank you, it makes a big difference in my day and my work load.”

Readily available technology has enabled us to broaden these from good old fashioned ‘one to one’ face to face training, on site with customers or at AVA’s head office in Macclesfield, (still probably the ‘gold standard’ of training methods) to include other, cheaper and more flexible, ways of increasing the skills and knowledge of individual designers, colourists and print technicians. Today these include:

• One to one personal face to face training on site with customers or at AVA.

• Group face to face training (for up to four people) on site with customers or at AVA

• E-training sessions (via direct computer to computer link) tailored to individual requirements

• AVA Webinars – free to all Development Plan holders and covering a rage of topics from new features to advanced separation tips and tricks

• Movies, tips and tricks and work flow suggestions available through AVA Assist (on line help accessible directly from the AVA software)

• AVA CAD Specialist Training Courses – varying in length from 1 -4 weeks these residential courses at AVA provide a thorough grounding in all aspects of the AVA software together with industry background knowledge and visits to working AVA installations in a range of different commercial environments.

Call AVA now for more details on how we can help you to devise a cost effective program to help you ensure that you get the best out of both your technology investments and the people who use them!

Below are selection of quotations from customers who have given feedback on AVA training:

Group Training…

“The session was delivered in a well paced and supportive manner that successfully reaffirmed prior knowledge whilst also introducing the latest developments in the software. The trainer provided well considered explanations of techniques with equally supportive responses to all questions. Overall, a very productive and pleasant session from which I can now go ahead and practice techniques with confidence.”

 “Terrific trainer for us. The pace was perfect, she advised when we should be observing, when we should be taking notes, and gave us plenty of encouragement when practicing what we had learnt. We are both now excited to start using the software. Many thanks.”


One to one training…

“A great trainer, the session was relaxed and easy to follow. Left me with great notes to follow when I try to use Materialize again myself as well as pointing out AVA Assist and the fact that we can always phone in for support when required.”

“We had a fantastic two days training and would definitely recommend the training to other uses. Everything was explained very well and we learned so much! Thanks so much!”



“This idea, for me, it’s amazing. Congratulations… See you in the next webinar.” 

“I’ve been using AVA for 16 years and I learned 5 new shortcuts in this webinar”  

“Definitely do it again! A good, relevant refresher. Good reminder about AVA Assist and  a good duration of 45-60 mins which is perfect for a busy studio.”

“This is a great idea and we look forward to attending others in the future. While we realize that all who attended are in different industries, and quite likely have different AVA modules, we appreciated the opportunity to view the many new features and capabilities that exist should we need these in the future.”

“All of the studio logged on to join the webinar. It was a good pace to follow, the sound was very clear and it was easy to understand with good examples. Please do keep us up to date with the next one!”

“The picture and sound was very clear. There were a lot of new features that we didn’t know about that the webinar highlighted to us. We all found it very useful and would definitely be interested in future webinars. The chat box feature was good to use as it allowed us to ask questions as the webinar was happening to clear up anything we were unsure of.”

“This is a great way for us to learn about new features!”



“I am more than happy and very satisfied with training. We also have more training planned and I am looking very much forward to that.
Also, in addition to the training, the whole crew of AVA support helped me, they’re always and spot on with everything – I feel very much taken care of. Thank you!”

Life Long Learning with AVALife Long Learning with AVA


We are excited to announce that AVA are exhibiting at the InPrint show in Munich 2017 for the first time!

Come and see our end to end integrated CAD solutions in Hall A6 / Stand 436, where the team will be demonstrating our software and latest features.

If you’d like to book a  demo of the AVA software at InPrint please click here

Don’t miss out!!…AVA’s Commercial Director, Duncan Ross, will be presenting at the conference on Tuesday 14th November at 15:30pm, where he will be discussing  “The key role of specialist design and colour management software, in decorative printing”



AVA 4.16 New brushes and patterns


Here at AVA we are lucky to have a team of talented Technical Solutions Advisors, who are not only technically knowledgable but have a good deal of creative flair and industry experience between them.

As part of our continuous development, they have designed and created a brand new range of  new brushes and patterns!

This interim release is live and ready for you to use as part of AVA 4.16.

The team will continue to work on new ideas and projects, so that we can keep providing you with the most creative tools and best examples of how to get the most out of your software.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our support team.

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