Wallcoverings are wonderful! Today’s manufacturers have a range of substrates, inks, printing and embossing techniques which take the art of printing to its highest level. It is this rich complexity which drives the need for specialised software to get the best out of the design, colour separation, colouring, sampling and printing (both digital and conventional) processes.

Key features and advantages of the AVA software especially valued by our customers within the wallcoverings industry include dramatic reductions in  lead times as a result of the increased productivity gained from our powerful specialized repeatingseparationcolouring and digital print modules. The AVA software now facilitates the fluent creation of designs in real time repeat with custom drops and mirror, jig-saw and contract repeats at very high resolution. Difficult watercolour separations can be handled with ease using one of the many unique separation techniques provided in the AVA software. An unlimited number of colourways can be quickly created and communicated for discussion and evaluation using picker wheels, mixing window, drag & drop from palette, a spectrophotometer or simply by experimenting with our popular random colourway generation feature.

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