One of the biggest challenges facing international brand managers today is the difficulty of maintaining colour consistency across multiple production plants while printing onto a wide variety of different packaging and promotional substrates. AVA’s Packaging Proofing Solution solves this problem.

At the heart of the Packaging Proofing solution lies the unique ability of AVA’s proprietary colour engine and overprint modelling, in conjunction with a series of production colour databases which may include custom spot colours and Pantone or NCS references, to model accurately the interaction of spot or multi-process colours, printing process and substrate – even for designs which include complex tonal overprints or ‘fall ons’. This allows customers to preview accurately the output of a particular job at a particular production location and make any required adjustments (e.g. to dot gain curves) without proceeding down an expensive, and time consuming, trial and error route.

AVA’s remote Quality Assurance approval system facilities both the remote generation of contract proofs (saving time and reducing courier costs) and the remote approval of press runs (avoiding costly on-press approval visits). The software also stores a large amount of valuable management information about the colour performance of each printer/ production unit.

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