Engravers today provide a wide variety of services for customers in the decorative and packaging print industries . These may include putting designs into repeat and occasionally even the creation and sampling of colourways. One crucial process that is almost always the responsibility of the engraver, however, is the final separation of the design into the single layers which will be engraved onto each print (or embossing) cylinder. We call this a Technical Separation because, unlike  Quick Separations undertaken to facilitate re-colouring of the design at an early stage, the final separated file has to be extremely precise and must take into account a variety of additional factors such as ‘gripping’ or ‘trapping’ layers to allow for mis-registration during the printing process

Key features and advantages of the AVA software particularly valued by our customers within the decorative engraving industry include the dramatic reductions in process times as a result of the increased productivity gained when handling large high resolution files with our software on the latest Apple Mac computers.

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