Today it is possible to print digitally, either in a studio for sampling purposes, or at higher speed for final production, onto a wide range of textiles, wallpapers, transfer papers, films and other packaging materials. Popular printer manufacturers with whom AVA already work closely include HP, Epson, Mimaki, Roland, Encad, Mutoh, MS, La Meccanica, Stork, Regianni, Robustelli, Zimmer, Dgen and many others.

Key features and advantages of the AVA software particularly valued by our customers within the digital print industry include the speed of our RIP, the ability to combine spot layers with images, support for speciality inks including white, silver and inhibitors, full integration with Adobe workflows and the ability to connect to third party RIPs via TIFF or Postscript if required. Combining colour books (custom, Pantone, NCS etc) with multiple device profiles and accurate soft proofing allows AVA users to achieve consistent and accurate colour matching both between batches and across multiple printers. Many digital printers still find it useful to colour separate some designs in order to experiment with multiple colourways; the AVA Quick Separations module is ideal for this purpose. The AVA software also provides vital records of print runs and facilitates bar code identification and remote Quality Assurance approval of individual prints.

AVA Customers within the digital print industry include:

The Silk Bureau, LTS Design, Forest Digital, John Mark Ltd, Ypsilon, Print Unlimited, Longina Phillips Designs, Alphatex, Turnbull Prints,

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