Designers and studios today are producing ever more imaginative work but inevitably face pressures of both cost (productivity) and competition. Using AVA software helps them to increase productivity and add additional value to their work without stifling vital creativity.

Key features and advantages of the AVA software particularly valued by designers include painting in repeat,  a wide variety of creative brushes and filters and the ability to combine raster and vector work. Many design studios are now supplying colour separated digital files in repeat to customers as a way of adding additional value to their offering and AVA’s Quick Separations module provides fast and easy to learn way of achieving this. An unlimited number of sample colourways can be quickly created using our random colourway generator. The AVA software then facilitates accurate hard (printed) and soft (monitor) proofing of designs. As a final touch, your work can be supplemented by colour accurate previews of your collections in photo-realistic room sets created using AVA Materialize and attractively presented within our Quick Colourways layout window.

AVA Customers within the design industry include:

Diane Harrison Designs, Pure, Yellow Label, Longina Phillips Designs, Artwork Design, Yellow Label & PURE Design Studios, Just Kids, Sooshichacha, Design by Ingk, Tana Bana, Claire Louise Designs, Trendart

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