The ideal tool for today’s multi-national value adding chains, AVA QA facilitates accurate, instantaneous remote verification of digital or conventional prints against either another print or an objectively defined digital ‘standard’ or ‘master’.

Instead of generating copies of a proof at a single location, waiting while they are delivered by (expensive) couriers to sites hundreds, or thousands of miles away and running the risk that heat or direct sunlight may alter the prints before they are used anyway, this tool allows design and production teams in different locations to discuss remotely generated prints, secure in the knowledge that they are looking at the same thing and production units to instantly verify that prints are within customer defined tolerances (expressed as maximum and/or average delta-E CMC 2.1 differences) of the agreed target. The approved print receives instant PASS or Fail feedback and a unique reference which allows the customer to view QA results for all prints in all locations via a web browser.

Fast, accurate, simple to use,  inexpensive to operate, AVA QA could reduce your costs and lead times significantly while improving quality control. Call us now for a free trial!

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