All of the so called ‘modules’ of AVA’s software installed on any particular work station or laptop interlink seamlessly in a way which is totally invisible to the user. The modules exist only for sales and marketing purposes – so that customers have the flexibility to install and pay for only the areas of functionality which they need on each workstation (or USB key). There would, for example, be little point in cluttering up a system used only for colouring and colour management with lots of sophisticated design, repeat and separation menus.

AVA’s ‘modules’ are designed to be as flexible as possible. In an ideal world we would tailor the software functionality installed on each key sold or leased precisely to the individual needs of that particular customer or user and our modular system comes as close as we can get to achieving that objective. Given the variety of different operations in the value adding chain, the number of different products or specialized market sectors served by AVA and the diversity of business practices across our global customer base, the number of potential configurations is very large.

The good news is that we don’t expect you to work any of this out for yourselves. Simply contact the AVA sales team by phone or e-mail and we will do the rest. One of our experienced team will discuss your business needs with you in detail and will then present you with a fully costed and detailed range of possible options for investment in AVA software – detailing the ‘modules’ included in each option and the reasons for including (or excluding)  them based on your identified requirements

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