AVA’s mission statement is to be Partners for all time with our customers because we believe that we can offer best  long term value to their businesses through a relationship based on familiarity and trust. 

The vast majority of AVA’s Customers choose to remain with us for many years based on our ten point service model.

1. Unparalleled levels of Customer Service. 18 hours a day of unlimited free phone or internet technical based support. 99% of respondents to AVA’s 2012 Customer Survey rated our Technical Support as ‘Good’ or better with 89% opting for ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent’.

2. Cutting edge, industry specific modular software solutions. 30 years of specialised, customer lead, software development have resulted in tools uniquely capable of adding value to businesses in the market sectors in which AVA specializes.

3. Constant awareness of the need to provide outstanding  value for money with every AVA product and service  which we provide. AVA staff will happily work with our partners to demonstrate and quantify the true return on investment in AVA software.

4. First port of call for expert advice on subjects which can range from hardware selection, through design to recruitment. Each year we have more than ten thousand conversations with our customers – providing advice and assisting them with their work.

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