John Mark Ltd

John Mark Limited is a digital printing company specializing in wallcoverings. It was born from years of experience in the Industry by its founder John Mark Watson and endorsed by the extensive experience and skills of its small team. For more information please visit John Mark Ltd

Based in Leyland, Lancashire, John Mark Limited offers the benefits from the extensive knowledge of substrates, manufacturing systems and the need to have a high quality trouble free product to take to market. We do not manufacture our own brands or have any association with any company that manufactures its own decorative products and we only produce wallcoverings.

“Our small team’s experience and knowledge in wallcoverings exceeds 70 years, and are rightly proud of the products that we produce. This could not have happened without the assistance of AVA. Its product offer, systems and support are paramount to what do and what we can achieve. With AVA working alongside us we have finally been able to do the impossible, and offer exactly what is achieved on the proofer reproduced on the larger digital printing machines.”

John Mark Watson, Managing Director



John Mark Ltd John Mark Ltd
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